"We're looking at a full range of tools and options," State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said. "That certainly includes looking at sanctions that could be imposed."

And now for a little Obama bashing.

Excuse me, but "looking at sanctions"? OK, I just looked. And they should have been imposed the minute it became clear Qaddafi was dropping bombs on unarmed protesters. That's pretty extreme, even by crazed quasi-socialist dictator standards.

Hit Qaddafi's minions where they care - in their wallets.

Obama, the first U.S. president to meet Gaddafi, has faced criticism in some quarters for not speaking out sooner but U.S. officials say they have tempered their response to ensure thousands of Americans in Libya can be safely evacuated.

Well, not to sound like a warmonger, but there are other ways to ensure the safety of Americans in Libya. The Sixth Fleet out of Naples comes to mind.

This is one of those times where Obama's cautious, deliberate style just drives. me. crazy.

Rant off.


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