The Koch Brothers are everywhere.  They're backing the Tea Party in the Election Cycle. They're bankrolling wingnuts from coast to coast.  They're trying to get the rights of Union Members rolled back.  They deserve to have their name immortalized in Limericks.  By the way, I'm told "Koch" rhymes with "coke."  I give it a try below the fold.  I'll bet you can come up with one too.

UPDATE:  Now we're adding Koch Brothers songs too!

Here is my (somewhat lame) Koch Limerick:

There once were Two Brothers named Koch.
About Union Rights they spoke.
They wanted to turn out the lights
On Bargaining rights
Their Gov. Walker shouted "We're going Broke!"
The Brothers Then shouted "Alas!"
We can squash the Middle Class
And save it all for Rich Folks!

I'm sure you can think of a better one!  Come on, give it a try!

Here's my try at a song:

(To the tune of "Love and Marriage")

Koch and Walker
Koch and Walker
As appealing as a nasty stalker.
Unions, they cannot stand them.
A defeat is what they want to hand them!

I just walked the dog and this was running through my head...

(To the tune of "Feelings..")

The Koch Brothers are doing nothing more than
Trying to get us to think..
...wealth comes from above.

I can't help myself.  
I know some of you are musically inclined.  Give it a try!

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