So much for that drug war lovefest between Obama and Calderon. Less than 48 hours after its conclusion, this bombshell dropped, and this one ain't going away folks.


Wikileaks cables showed us what's really going on in Mexico: agencies compete with each other and don't cooperate enough to win a war that is by definition un-winnable.

And Calderon, who is the one who escalated this massive drug war in Mexico, is pointing his finger back at us and going, "well....well....your agencies don't cooperate either"

Obama wants to speed up a billion dollars of American aid to Mexico in the form of the failed Merida Initiative.

What makes this story hit home especially hard is that the very same gun that killed a Border Patrol agent recently was a gun that the ATF allowed to go into cartel hands....on purpose.

My laptop is junk, so transcribing the video is gonna be impossible. Senator Grassley is featured in the video talking about his intent to investigate.

This one ain't going away.

Kentucky has just done the right thing and lowered penalties for marijuana possession. There's a hemp activist somewhere named Woody Harrelson who's smiling. Props to you, sir, for your work in the past on this issue.


One of the many reasons the escalation of the Mexican drug war will fail is the collusion between some Mexican army soldiers and police departments with the drug cartels. One of the cartels is actually run by former Mexican military officers.

Our leaders in DC either don't get it, or pretend not to. The President won't budge on cannabis reform, and Secretary Clinton scared the sh*t out of us with her statement that drugs can't be legalized because there's too much money in them.

I haven't seen any comment from Secretary Clinton about how Bank of America and Wachovia Bank helped drug cartels launder millions of dollars.
People are dying, over 30,000 of them since Calderon escalated the drug war. Even the conservative president who preceded Calderon has called for a debate on marijuana legalization (of course he waited until AFTER leaving office to do that).

Many Americans could care less about Mexico. But because a Border Patrol agent lost his life due to the ATF's failed lead, this story will have legs.

And if you didn't see this already, a Border Patrol agent got fired simply for verbalizing the idea that maybe marijuana shouldn't be criminalized. Some of the guys running our military are creepy hardcore-Christian crusaders who hate all living Muslims, but we purge our agencies of guys for telling the truth.  

Beheading in Arizona by drug cartels: http://stopthedrugwar.org/...

It should be noted that Arizona's governor, Jan Brewer, is a friend to the cartels. Her opposition to any cannabis law reform directly acts as a price support for black-market marijuana, which is the most widely used 'drug' in the world and makes up about 60% of drug cartel profits. That means cash from mexican marijuana is used to buy guns here in the States, usually in places like Texas or Georgia. Mayor Bloomberg even sent a task force to a gun show to show how easy it is to buy guns.



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Just saw this from BBC News. Coincides perfectly with the content in this diary.


13 Mexican soldiers charged with smuggling about 1 ton of meth/coke into the U.S.

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drcnet.org has a good update on the drug war violence in Mexico


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Law Enforcement Against Prohibitions speaks on the Obama/Calderon lovefest


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Here are the documents you see featured in the news clip in Intro.


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"ATF's Chief Public Affairs officer sent an all-call internal memo to ATF Public Information Officers in an effort to 'lessen the coverage of such stories in the news cycle by replacing them with good stories about ATF.'"

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