One of the huge differences between Republicans and Democrats or Progressives is their respective approaches to power and its uses.  

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the citizens of the United States are being preyed and warred upon by this faction of people that care not one wit for the stated ideals for which this Nation was founded.  Republicans have no qualms about using lies, distortions, and even forms of violence to get what they want.  If it is not abundantly clear to even the most moderate of moderates in the Democratic camp, there IS NO barganing with them. They will have their way or blow things up.  

Below the fold, I have a link to a  Rachel Maddow segment that includes a discussion with Naomi Klein, author of "The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism."  

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Our country's legacy is being systematically looted and trashed, we are at war.  And it is not in the Middle East it is right here on the home front.  It is increasingly clear that those that care about our country as a place of increasing liberty and equality, are on our own.  The President isn't going to (or can't) help us, the Democrats in DC so far are not seemingly concerned about what is going on in these states.  

The gauntlet is thrown down that you are either for the preservation of our liberty and the world oldest Democracy or you are for the rise of a fascist and totalitarian regime who controls your destiny who will strip you of your assets and sell them to the highest bidder.  --The Michigan bill is point of evidence. In fact, I couldn't help thinking that RoboCop won't be far behind in patrolling a dystopian Michigan real soon.

It is that simple. No triangulating out of this. What is it going to be folks?  

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