Since Governor Walker was sworn in, he has justified every action, no matter how extreme, with the refrain of "we're broke" and that we are in a "fiscal emergency."

But, I guess we're not that broke:  we still have money to spend on priorities.

Yesterday, one of those priorities came to light and Gov. Walker was all over the news, touting his ability to lure an Illinois company owner Paul Stahlberg (and major Republican donor) to relocate a few miles North in Wisconsin.

Catalyst Exhibits currently has 85 employees and is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, which is North Chicago suburb and about 10 miles from the Wisconsin border.  They were offered a $500,000 grant and $1.25 million low interest loans (which has a value of approximately $750,000) to relocate a few miles north to Wisconsin.

So, in other words, Gov. Walker paid an Illinois company with only 85 employees $1.25 million to move to Wisconsin. And even though most, if not all, the current Illinois employees will continue to work at the new, Wisconsin location a few miles from the current location, Walker is touting this as "job creation."

Rumor has it that Billy Bob's Taco Stand in South Beloit, Illinois is being lured to move accross the street to Beloit, Wisconsin for a million!

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