A little story from Andy Birkey over at the Twin Cities Daily Planet Minnesota Independent.

In wake of Citizen United, State Senator Scott Dibble and the Minnesota DFL is proposing an amendment to the state constitution.

The bill, SF683/HF914, puts forward a simple question to voters: "Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to define 'person' to mean natural person?"

Unfortunately, due to the 72-62 Republican lead in the House, and the 37-30 Republican lead in the Senate, it's unlikely to pass. However, Dibble alluded to (and Birkey linked to) some Tea Party skepticism of Citizens United. Senator Dibble wonders if the Tea Party members of the legislature could come together with the DFL on this issue.

I am, myself, a little skeptical of how widespread any disdain of CU is within the Tea Party. I don't foresee the amendment making it to the ballot in 2012 but maybe other states with more democratic legislatures can try the same approach.

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