I started this group (Industry & Infrastructure) to discuss happenings about domestic industry and infrastructure. There are so many misconceptions about industry and manufacturing in particular, that I want to try and boost our collective literacy, including mine.

I want to concentrate on things that the US makes and builds, more from a government and business perspective than a consumer perspective...More about the tools, raw materials, etc. that make an electric car than the electric car itself. Where does it come from? What is needed to make it? If it tastes good, how was it grown? Wind turbines are nice, but what are they made of? By whom?

The next month is going to be crazy for me (if you buy certain consumer electronics this Christmas, I'm building manufacturing tooling for some of it over the next month.), but as time goes on, I'm hoping that I can write some interesting diaries and perhaps get a couple people with a background in manufacturing to contribute as well. I don't know exactly what this experiment will shape-up to be, but I'm hoping it will be interesting.

For background, I've worked an odd set of jobs in my short life (I'm in my mid-20s). I originally thought I might pursue a career in media production, and did for several years, mainly in a technical capacity. Right now, I make and calibrate specialty tools, automation systems and test equipment used in factories all over the world.

Over the coming weeks, I will be writing a little about manufacturing. A few planned diaries (subject to change):

Cheap Plastic Crap Part 1: A mold-y subject.
(On the loss of plastic crap, and the subsequent loss of tooling, know-how, and higher-paying jobs.)

Cheap Plastic Crap Part 2: Travel the world!

(On supply chains and the quest for cheap direct labor, at the expense of everything else.)

The US makes stuff that makes stuff! A survey
(A quick look at several companies that make manufacturing tooling in the US.)

BRAINZ: What corporate America can learn from zombies!
(Why many US companies are cheating their shareholders by not fully utilizing their most valuable asset.)

And, if I have the fortitude to do the research right:
Accounting rules and job creation
(On GAAP and changes that could encourage domestic hiring)

I'm open to any and all suggestions, advice, etc. I've never really run a group before, and as one can see from my history it's been several years since my last diary.

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