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TEPCO released the isotope profile from a sample taken from the site at Unit 3 where the radiation workers were injured by stepping in water on the floor:


h/t to Drama Queen, who shared this .pdf report containing an isotope report from Unit 1:


Japan's prime minister is now claiming that the situation is dire.

Speaking through an interpreter, prime minister Naoto Kan says the situation there remains grave and unpredictable, but he has paid tribute to the plant workers in an address to the nation.

"We are trying to prevent a deterioration of the situation and we are still not in a position where we can be optimistic," he said.

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Raised to Level 6: Government increasing evacuation zone parameters

Radiation from Fukushima exceeds Three Mile Island (AJW by the Asahhi Shimbun reported in English on the newspaper's Facebook page) h/t Drama Queen  Asahi.com link to the same story

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Coverage @ KOS:

  • A database of temperature, pressure, radiation levels, etc readings over time can be found in: The Daiichi Database  This is an evolving diary that will be updated regularly.
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rb137: Breaking: Officials fear radiation leaking from core
DemFromCt:Japan's nuclear reactor crisis looking more extensive and slower to resolve
Rei: Why Japan Cannot Use The US's Fukushima Evacuation Zone
Meteor Blades: Open thread for night owls: The future of nuclear power

Regularly Updated Data Sources

Japanese Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF) reports, which record such key factors as  conditions of core and fuel integrity, water level and containment. The Guardian DataBlog is updating analysis and publishing highly contextualized charting and graphs.
RSOS Emergency & Disaster information Services - Japan
Daily Telephone Media Briefings from Union of Concerned Scientists
Energy.gov: The Situation in Japan (Updated 03/22/11)
EPA RadNet Map View & EPA's Radiation Air Monitoring


NPR TIMELINE: A Nuclear Crisis Unfolds In Japan
timeline through 23 March
Nuclear Reactor Crisis in Japan FAQs


Latest Stats & general info as of evening Saturday AM AM 26 March. Japan. (combined sources)

- 10,102 deaths and 17,053 missing.
- 240,000 people were still sheltering in about 1,900 evacuation centers
- Direct damage from the disaster, including destroyed homes and roads, is estimated at between 16 trillion to 25 trillion yen
- U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on Friday held a teleconference with senior members of U.N. agencies to respond to the ongoing crisis at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
- 17 workers have suffered radiation of more than 100 millisieverts, the maximum level to which nuclear plant workers may be exposed per year.



Donation Suggestions
• Plubius also has a diary on aid groups needing donations.
CS Monitor has a great list
JapanVolunteers-  - donations, materials, volunteer opportunities and needs,  fundraisers, resource sharing
Japan RedCrossasks individuals to direct funds to a bank account.
ShelterBox on the Ground in Japan (h/t texmex)

If you want to evaluate any charity, look at Charity Navigator. (h/t DemFromCt)



Japan Earthquake 2011 Global Voices Online provides outstanding ongoing translations of articles and information from Japan, including:
Map of Quake Centers
Shelter locations


Media Coverage

Japan Tsunami – Live Streaming/AutoUpdates
Asahi on Facebook
Tepco's webcam operating again
Kyodo Nuclear News Feed
The Guardian
NHK Japan Live:
NHK Japan Live
AJ LiveBlog
Fukushima Wikispaces

Twitter – Real Time Updates:
Global Voices Online Japan Twitter List
Japan Reuters
Japan's PM
GP Japan
Twitter #earthquake
Twitter #japan:



Crisis Mapping

Google Fukushima GeoEye
Google Crisis Response Maps(Layers available)
Ushahidi Local Reports Color Coded for Trusted Sources (Japanese/English)
Satellite Imagery
Media Monitoring Japan's Humanity Road


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