More than 20 years of land conflict has turned two tribal communities into enemies. A recent cultural festival brought the groups together, highlighting efforts by community leaders, the government and one nongovernmental organization to establish a lasting peace.

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by Irene Mwivano     Reporter, Wednesday - March 30, 2011

NAIVASHA, KENYA – Helen Nyongito, 30, has been raising her three children on her own ever since her husband died during the more than 20 years of land conflict between two communities in the Maiella area of Kenya’s Rift Valley.

She says the only memory she has of her late husband is a lone photo she keeps in her wallet. She says the photo strengthens her whenever she hears a scream during the night or when she and her children trek the 100 kilometers, 62 miles, to search for water at Lake Naivasha. She says all their other belongings were stolen during the conflict.

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