Major unions and many other organizations are rallying this week at over 600 events nationwide.  It has already begun but the headline events will be on April 4th, planned to coincide with the anniversary of Dr. King's death when he came to the aid of AFSCME union members in Memphis.

In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died while defending AFSCME sanitation workers in Memphis who were fighting for their dignity and the right to collective bargaining. Today, public service workers are under attack again. In states across the country, the men and women who provide vital services for their neighbors and communities are being scapegoated and blamed for an economic crisis that is not of their making. It's time for politicians to create jobs instead of playing politics. It's time for all of us to stand with the public service workers who stand on the frontlines.

Look for a rally near you HERE.  There are locations, times, contacts...

Find other resources HERE.

Leo Gerard's diary "March to Stop the Freeloaders" is HERE.

100,000 in Madison.  5,000 in New Hampshire!  500,000 in London.  How many nationwide this week?  Teachers, firemen, police, iron workers.  We all need to push back now!

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