I've been trying to post this, but the DK Gods have not been smiling.  In fact, they're crankier and less cooperative than your humble diarist.

While live calls featuring live volunteers (as well as canvassing) have been going on all week for JoAnne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court and Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive, Republicans have been relying on their typical mass mailings, a whisper campaign about gun rights, and now, the infamous robo calls to garner support for RW David Prosser who is seeking re-election to a Wisconsin State Supreme Court seat.  What makes the robo calls interesting is that they began early this morning.

Republican robo calls typically begin in the late afternoon and extend through the early evening.  Being in a Republican leaning district, I get them (I think they call every possible number in an exchange).  I have already received 2 - the earliest got me out of bed.  

The first one was from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (Republican who runs as an independent) who we have been trying to unseat since he got into office.  The second came from another Republican, the Waukesha (very, very red) County Executive.  Neither identify themselves as Republicans, of course.

Both robo calls talk about David Prosser being a "law and order" kind of guy who has support from the "law and order" community.  Typical Republican malarky that I read as "this guy is a Republican - wink, wink".  

Friends in very Republican districts have told me about repeatedly forwarded emails suggesting that JoAnne Kloppenburg will take their guns.  There's even been an ad running on our RW radio stations for a West Bend (very red) gun show which encourages getting to the polls April 5th to preserve gun rights.  Kloppenburg has never, ever had a thing to say about guns, gun rights, hunting, or the very precious (to the RW) Second Amendment.  

Smells like desperation to me.  Prosser was expected to win re-election.  But something happened in February (see under:  Scott Walker, union busting) which lit a fire under the Wisconsin State Supreme Court race.  This has become a test of Scott Walkers public support;  a vote where a clear message can be sent to him without his name even being on the ballot.

He is an old buddy and supporter of David Prosser.  They served in the Wisconsin State Assembly together, voting the same 95% of the time.  Ditto his long time support for Jeff Stone, current Republican State Assembly Representative, who participated in the illegal vote on union stripping, who looks to replace Walker as Milwaukee County Executive.

There's been a lot of bad news about David Prosser.  Internal polls showing the race as a toss up were leaked.  On top of that, media reports about his calling Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abramson "a total bitch" and then blaming her for provoking his response, to the cover he gave to a pedophile priest while he was a prosecutor (refused to prosecute, but met with the Bishop who moved the priest to another parish where the priest continued his abuse), to the recent loss of one of his campaign co-chairs, former Governor Patrick Lucey who not only fled Prossers campaign, but immediately endorsed Joanne Kloppenburg.  The bad news keeps piling up.

Early voting is already huge, but we're not resting.  These are two very important elections and we must win.  Republicans are desperate to win these, too.  Their desperation is showing.

Thanks for the Kossack support and love as well as the massive donations to PCCC, Act Blue, and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to support the recalls.

Originally posted to Puddytat on Sat Apr 02, 2011 at 12:06 PM PDT.

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