Scott Walker, the anti-union conservative Governor of Wisconsin, isn't on the ballot tomorrow, but two races where he's become a major issue will help determine their results and signal what could happen in a slew of recall campaigns, including his own.

Supporters of State Supreme Court challenger see in her campaign against incumbent conservative David Prosser a counter-weight not only to his sharp-elbows but also to the monied special-interests that pushed the far-right Scott Walker to a 52% margin of victory in November.

And are exposing Prosser's ties to and third-party support from the state wide chamber of commerce, known as Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce - - which heavily support Walker in his run for Governor.

A third-party ad against Prosser says that he voted with Walker 95% of the time when both were legislators, and Prosser's opponents have made hay out a statement by Prosser's campaign manager In December that its goal was to align the Court, with its current 4-3 conservative majority, as a "complement" to the newly-elected Republican governor and GOP legislative majorities.

Walker is a big issue also in the race for Milwaukee County Executive, the post that Walker vacated after his election as Governor.

First-time liberal community advocate and philanthropist Chris Abele, a City of Milwaukee resident, has repeatedly tied opponent Jeff Stone, a conservative Republican suburban legislator, to Walker.

And Stone made that pretty easy when he twice voted for Walker's union-busting bill, and had Tweeted that he stood with Walker on the Governor's signature, controversial bill.

Both races appear close. Prosser and Stone won their early February primaries, but that was before the protests against Walker in Madison, and statewide, had played out, and as subsequent legal challenges are newsworthy and nowhere near resolved.

And Wisconsin politics remains focused on Walker-related stories. One recall effort against a Republican state senator - - Dan Kapanke, of LaCrosse - - has already filed what it says are sufficient signatures to force a recall election, and there are continuing media reports about other efforts, particularly against Republican State Senator Alberta Darling, from a Milwaukee County suburb, and Randy Hopper, a Republican State Senator from Fond du Lac.

Hopper had won his last election by the slimmest of margins - - 163 votes - - voted for Walker's union-busting bill, then was blitzed with recall petitioners and stories about having moving in with a female lobbyist in Madison who somehow got a jobin the "we're broke" Walker administration.

In fact, another questionable, pricey Walker hire was revealed just today.

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