Update: Brookfield mystery solved - I had read her statement that 11,059 new votes had been discovered and mis-interpreted that as being Brookfield only, but she was counting 10,859 Brookfield and 200 from the New Berlin ward.

But a discrepancy still exists: she admits to 3 errors; omitting Brookfield, clerical error in New Berlin ward entering 37 instead of 237 for Prosser, and an adjustment in the town of Lisbon (pop approx 11,000) that DECREASED the totals for both Prosser and Kloppenburg by an undisclosed amount.

Kathy Nickolaus stated in her presser that the totals for both were reduced but the outcome remained the same, Prosser won - but omitted the details of how many votes were adjusted and WHY they were adjusted down? Were they ineligible voters? Double-counted originally? What was it.

So to recap:

10,589 Prosser
3,456 Kloppenburg

New Berlin
+200 for Prosser due to clerical error

Undisclosed amount of votes decreased for both candidates.

So according to her math,
10,859 + 200 - ?? = 11,589
3,456 - ?? = 3,456

Am I missing something this time on the Lisbon discrepancy? If the results she released on Tuesday to the GAB and AP had bad numbers for Lisbon, why were the corrections for Lisbon not reflected in her press conference?  The total amount of "new votes" that were reported, one would assume, would include Brookfield, New Berlin, and the reductions to Lisbon. So where's the numbers from Lisbon?

 The OFFICIAL Kloppenburg campaign website is at http://www.kloppenburgforjustice.com/
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Kathy Nickolaus:
- was hired by David Prosser.
- has a well documented history of being accused of voting irregularities.
- the 53% voter turn-out indicated by her "adjusted" election figures would present a historical statistical anomoly (to put it into perspective, only 33% of eligible voters turned out state wide. Exit polling in Brookfield indicated "average" turn-out of 20%-25%, and during the last 4 April elections for hotly-contested Supreme Court seats, voter turn-out did not exceed 24%).
- the +/-7,500 votes represents almost exactly the .05% margin of victory for Prosser that would require the Kloppenburg campaign to pay for the cost of the recount.

If that all passes your smell test, then you should get your nose checked.

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