While I appreciate the efforts at further investigating the screwiness that is Waukesha Judges election, jsamuel in Strange Numbers from Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties on Supreme Court Only Ballots made logical leap that is unsupported and disavows the "surprising" results.

Let me note that I 100% think jsamuel was completely honest in discovering this discrepancy but unfortunately simply was not accurate in the whole.

In that diary it is stated:

Of particular interest is the high number of Supreme Court ONLY ballots in Waukesha County (14.4% of all ballots). This does not compare well with other counties which all have numbers far below this total.

However, the link given for Waukesha in no way supports that supposition.  The link gives the following data:

Total Number of Votes for the Supreme Court 125,070
Total Number of votes for Waukesha Country Circuit Court Judge, Branch 4 106,881

In the comments jsamuel says that the 18,000 is derived from subtracting the approximately 107,000 from the 125,000, because that Circuit Court election was the second highest vote total.

But those are not the only two elections on the ballot and it is easy to see that there could be any number of ballots that include a SC vote and do not have the Circuit court vote.  We literally have no idea what the distribution of the votes and the makeup of the ballots are. The fact that we don't have this level of detail may be of interest, but it cannot be forced out of the existing data.

This is important because when you are trying to discuss statistical discrepancies that shed light on a situation it is important that the data is not misinterpreted, because the conclusions, in this case of "strangeness" in the makeup of the ballots, simply is unsupportable.

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