Now that GAB has done as little as possible to get to the bottom of Corrupt Kathy's strange counting, Kloppenburg has until Wednesday to ask for a recount.  Which she should do.  

   There are two  pieces of good news: 1)  she is within the percentage that the state will pay for a recount, 2)  all those votes physically exist, bagged and tagged. There are two issues that could deter her from a recount.  One, it takes some time.  Secondly, the Prosser campaign, like Norm Coleman will  attempt to throw out votes by contesting them.  I know that it was long and difficult.  

    Christine Gregoire, governor of Washington state went through the same process.  She actually started out behind her opposition and won.  Again, it was hard and tough, but she hung in there was declared the winner on June 6, 2005.  She is now serving her second term.

   Yes, it won't be fun.  But what else is new?  Nothing is easy these days.  Recalling is tough, but we're all out these getting those signatures.  Everything in this state has turned into a battle.  They are all worth fighting because we are at a do-or-die point.  Look at the horrors already being unleashed in Michigan.  The corporate take over of cities.  Really? Really?  

    Finally, if something isn't done about Waukesha, there's no point in getting those 500,000 signatures to recall Walker.  That election will have even more money and ads and turnout.  And none it will matter if little miss Kathy just conjures up votes out of thin air for Walker.  I really hope that Tammy pushes for the Feds to come in.  John Nichols says that they do it all the time in Chicago (of course).  


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