Station Wagon God

Let us suppose that at some time in the future, let’s say a thousand years from now, archaeologists come upon a well-preserved modern shopping mall, frozen in time like Pompeii, which had been having an old car show. Archaeologists, puzzled by these artifacts and the reverence shown to them, would probably conclude that these artifacts represented the Car Gods of a polytheistic vanished civilization. Gods with names like Ford, Plymouth, Hudson, Mini-Cooper, Dodge, and Chevrolet. The archaeologists of the future would then arrange the artifacts in museum displays, perhaps with some explanations about the power of each of these Gods and the people who worshipped them. Let us now stroll through the temple of the gods, admiring the symbolic artifacts of this vanished civilization.

Ford A God 1

Coup God

Excaliber God

Mini God

Dodge God

Jeep God

Hot Rod God

Pickup God

Convertible God

Plymouth God

Among the pantheon of gods is a dwarf god known as Harley-Davidson which is revered by many.

Harley on High

Harley 1

Harley 2

Harley 3

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