(Joshua Roberts / Reuters)

Having spent the weeks of his storied political career promoting a conspiracy theory based on racism, Donald Trump is now crowing about his "victory."

Donald Trump touched down in New Hampshire today in a helicopter bearing his name, immediately taking credit for forcing President Obama to release his birth certificate.

Well, sure. After all, who wouldn't want to take credit for being shown to be an ignorant ass who pandered to the racism of the Republican base as the centerpiece of his fledgling presidential campaign. Kudos!

So, what will be the next big issue the Combover tackles? The economy? Health care? Foreign policy? Nah.

But Trump was quickly on to another conspiracy theory, wondering how the president got into Harvard Law School and Columbia as a transfer student and calling on the White House to release his records from school.

The Donald will stick with what he knows best: catering to racism.

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