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Last night Rep. Allen West had a townhall in  Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Progressive activist & Radio Host Nicole Sandler attended and well...I'll let the video tell the story- pay attention starting at about the 3:30 mark

Now here's the deal: not long ago Nicole had to sell her house in a short sale and move.  While bail is only $25 she's going to need money for her legal fees.  We as a progressive community need to step and up help her as much as possible.  This is a woman who has never been afraid to call it as she sees it...and there's no doubting her progressive cred.  Please if anyone can help- chip in a few bucks to help!  Donate Here to help Nicole


Most of my updates are sourced from The Political Carnival- I just got off the phone w/GottaLaff and she said I should update this diary on Kos because we need to get this story out as far and wide as possible but I want to give credit where it's due here...

From Gottalaff:

UPDATE: I got through to Nicole, just now, and I am the first person she has spoken to. And I quote:

    “Now I know what Bradley Manning goes through… I was maced this morning by a prison guard because when I got out of solitary, I wouldn’t go back in. They were so nasty at that jail. What happened to being presumed innocent? They treat you like animals, it’s disgusting what they do to these poor people!”

She’s eating now, because she hasn’t since yesterday. She will post on Facebook and report her experience on her show tomorrow, 10-12 a.m. Eastern on RadioOrNot.com.

And copying and pasting from GottaLaffs transcription of Nicole's appearance on the Thom Hartmann Show:

   Reporters asked me questions while a cop manhandled me. I probably [swore] at him. He arrested me for “trespassing after warning”. That was 8:30 pm, I just got home [It is now noon PDT].

    I was maced at the jail, which had nothing to do with West, of course. There were others, all women, being charged with a crime, being treated worse than animals at the pound.

    I was put in solitary like Bradley Manning. They locked us in a room forgot about us. There were 4 in a tiny 12×6 room, they forgot about us, no bathroom. Left us in for over an hour, with no air circulation.

    I asked, “Did you forget us?” Guard answered casually, “Yeah that happens.” I said, “You owe us an apology.” He answered sarcastically, “Oh, yeah, I’m real sorry. You want apology?” and he locked me in a tiny cell with a toilet, mattress, sink. No windows, four walls.

    The door was opened, I got out, he said to get back in. I said, “Please, I’m sorry.” I have a big mouth [laughter]. Guard said, “No.”  I said “Please?” and he maced me. I mean REALLY maced me, not just a spray.

More coverage is also available at the BradBlog

Please.... let's make sure this story gets out and if you can spare a few dollars please contribute directly to Nicole's Donation page to help with any legal fees that may result from this.

More Update

This was just posted on Nicole's Site:

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Also republished by Florida Labor.

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