Due to a wave of online support—much of it from you guys—the Democratic Party committees in Wisconsin are starting the recall elections with a large cash advantage on their Republican counterparts. Here are the fundraising totals in the most recent reports, which show activity through March 21st:


Some quick notes on these numbers:

—Almost all of the Democratic money came from small donors on Act Blue. Check out the Act Blue stats for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin here, and the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic committee here.

—The Democratic Party of Wisconsin spent a large amount of money because they are the central organizing hub for the recall petition gathering effort.

—The amount of money the Democratic committees have on hand exceeds the total amount of money all of the incumbent Senators facing recall have on hand:

* Hopper has $9,844 in debts
* Amount raised from January 1 through April 22
* These numbers reflect activity from March 22 through April 18, and thus are more recent than the numbers for the state committees listed above. Also, numbers for Republican Robert Cowles are not currently available.

Overall, the Democratic advantage is solid but far from decisive. This is because outside expenditures are likely to dominate spending during recall elections, just as they did in the Supreme Court election. In that election, JoAnne Kloppenburg and David Prosser received a combined total of $600,000 in public financing for the general election, while six times that amount was spent by outside groups. The ratio of candidate money to outside money could be similar during the recall elections.

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