Happy Friday the 13th to F.O.O. & FOKRs everywhere! ;D Are any of y'all the superstitious type? I tend not to be, but I actually found some fairly interesting details of why this day is looked upon the way it is. AND, based upon my finishing reading the Senate Ethics Committee report concerning John "Loverboy" Ensign, somebody else better begin watching their proverbial back besides 'ol Doc Coburn!

Let me give you a few clues as to who I'm talking about. He recently appeared in a GOBP POTUS "debate" sponsored by FAUX News, he recently celebrated a birthday, and the song I designated as his birthday ditty in this diary was this classic! ;D That report should've really been released today instead of yesterday - talk about poetic justice!

Just 2 "this day in history" items make the cut for tonight, but one of them earns a long - awaited return of THE cake! :D Let's dispense with the creepy throughly unfun item first; Jim Jones, American cult leader responsible for the Jonestown Massacre in 1978, was born on this date in 1931. Now, let's wish a happy 59th birthday to former FAUX News & Pirate Rupert *itch & now OH Governor John Kasich. For being a right - wing bat$hit media whore & seeking to dismantle the rights & lives of so many people in my neighboring state, dive on into this tasty treat with the invitation to GO CHENEY YOURSELF!


Now, it's time for SPARK - Friday the 13th style! There has got...to...be SOMETHING in the water in Wasilla, AK; that's all I'm saying. This criminal brainiac picked a hell of an alias! Finally, if your spouse or significant other is a gardener, be sure to tell them about this "holiday"; let it all hang out! :D

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Put Your Pants On & Go Home." AKA "CoBurn Notice" - Here we go with Johnny Ensign again - YEA! He's such a good son. ;D That "present money" from Mom & Dad was totally hush money because, in actuality, they didn't like Doug Hampton AT ALL. Oh yea, and Mom & Dad didn't even really read those documents drawn up by sonny - boy's lawyers; Mom & Dad could be in a bit of legal soup. Johnny will hopefully soon have a reservation at the Graybar Hotel! Again, nothing will happen to Doc Coburn - nothing...zip...nada...big 'ol stinky goose egg. The poor Doc can't even keep track of all his lies! Does Doc Coburn "need" to come clean? Hell, his role in this $hit is laid out damn clear in the report!


Melanie Sloan's group's complaint was what began all this Johnny Loverboy investigation to begin with. Now, CREW is going after Doc Coburn for his role as pimp! HA! Doc might have gotten immunity?! INTERESTING!! AND, if he did get immunity from the DOJ in this process, Doc doesn't have to say he did. Again...INTERESTING!!


Senator Loverboy's COS has already received immunity for his part in all this; if you read the report, that poor guy felt pretty damn icky during all of it. HEY! RACHEL STOLE FROM MY DIARY DRAFT; I brought up Man - on - Dog first!! ;D Will someone please PLEASE ask him about this little love triangle on the campaign trail?! ;D

"Hit & Myth" - I really really really really really really really really really really REALLY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW what OBL's porn leanings were! Ya' know, if you're a South Park fan, y'all already know that OBL had a "thing" for camels. ;D A whole bunch of AQ had teh porn, too - and might have been using it to send messages?! HA! Wow...


The GOBP in the House is trying to make us think AQ is the all - powerful boogy man again. Senator Sherrod Brown sounds like crap! Does he have a cold or allergies or something?! Poor guy! He needs some chicken soup or honey or something STAT! He doesn't think much of anything foreign policy - wise or "war on terror" - wise will change because the GOBP is so antagonistic toward President Obama.

"A Very Very Special Election" - AUGH!!!!! Monica Goodling & Freddo again??!! DAMN IT - I got dinner trying to settle here! VA just reprimanded her? What about disbarrment?! OK, let me make sure I have this connection straight. She sacked some attorney dude because his wife was a Dem, and this wife is the Dem candidate in the special election for the Rep. CraigsList Shirtless Dude's district. OK...GOT IT! ;D Carl Paladino's endorsing the GOBP candidate; she must like sex with animals, too. When Rachel first brought up Monica & connections to this election, I figured maybe Shirtless Rep dude sent his picture to her!


"One Nation Underwhelmed" - The Sunday morning shows will be GOBP - heavy again. Well, I'll be at Sunday morning practice at the Zen Center, so I'll miss that fun. ;D The GOBP doesn't like Mittens Romney, and "regular GOBP" ain't exactly waxxing enthusiastic about the current crop of 2012 candidates. OK...shallow catty question here, but is female employment at FAUX News predicated on being a blonde - natural or otherwise? Doug Heye is a former RNC dude. He actually said "birther nonsense"!! HOLY $HIT!! He'll be drummed outta the party in 5...4...3...2... He's actually bringing up WI as far as a potential "battle ground" state for the GOBP in 2012. Uh, does he remember who the Governator is & what's going on? AND, Rachel called him on it!! :D She looks absolutely gobsmacked. ;D OK, this dude officially has his head up a dark stinky place.


"The Best New Thing in the World Today" - So, is this going to be a nightly feature? If so, I'm pretty underwhelmed so far. Speaking of dark stinky places, we got another look at Mike Huckabee's history $hit again! OK, tonight's clippy thing for his videos was pretty good. ;D

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