Antonio, what news on the Rialto - William Shakespeare
Beats the fuck outta me. - David Mamet

Finally there is medical news that I am happy to highlight.
Coffee: New Wonder Drug Found to Cut Prostate Cancer Risk

Not only does it help to fight prostate cancer, it has a direct relationship to quantity.


So raise your mugs, gentlemen. We haven't done many things right to improve our health but We Bloggers can claim this to be our own.

I'll have a triple shot of espresso in my French Roast this morning. It's going to be a Zippety-doo-dah day.

I WILL start 26 new projects this morning

I will snicker knowingly at any latte drinking aspersion cast my way.

Well done, Mrs Olsen. Tip of my hat to you, Juan Valdez. Every drop is gold Maxwell House.

Well, I gotta get a cup of coffee.


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