According to a new Quinnipiac poll, a strong majority of Ohio voters favor repealing the recent Republican-backed legislation known as SB 5. Among many other heinous provisions, SB 5 strips collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Quinnipiac, 5/10-16, 1,379 registered voters, MoE 2.6, no trendlines:

16. As you may know there is a proposed referendum to repeal this new law. Do you think this new law which limits collective bargaining for public employees should be kept or repealed?

Repealed: 54
Kept: 36

While Quinnipiac does not have trendlines on this question, they do have trendlines on other questions which suggest these numbers might actually be a slight improvement for the other side. For example, Governor John Kasich's net job approval is up a bit from the last Quinnipiac poll in Ohio in March:

TREND: Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Kasich is handling his job as Governor? [March results in parenthesis]

Disapprove: 49 (46)
Approve: 38 (30)

These are hideous approval ratings for someone who has been in office for only four months, but they are still better, on net, than they were back in March.

Additionally, Public Policy Polling surveyed Ohio in mid-March, and found a 54%-31% margin in favor of repeal. This is another indication that those opposing repeal might be picking off undecided voters at a faster rate than those in favor of repeal. So, while we remain in a very strong position in Ohio, we must also remember that this campaign is not yet won. We have work left to do.

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