Chris Christie
GOP Action Hero Chris Christie
(Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
According to a new poll from Monmouth University, it turns out Republican Party patron saint Chris Christie isn't quite as popular as his national media profile suggests:
He's getting a ton of love from the national Republican elite, but Chris Christie's approval ratings at home are softening, according to a new poll.

A Monmouth University survey released Wednesday shows the New Jersey governor with a 47 percent approval rating among state residents, compared to 49 percent who disapprove of his performance. Christie's approval rating is the same as it was in a February Monmouth poll, but his negative number has climbed by 9 points since then.

And what is causing his slide? Maggie Haberman reports:

Last year's budget was controversial, but this year's version isn't making many more friends — just 24 percent say they're happy with it, while 39 percent are not.

And 45 percent think the budget is the result of tough but meaningful choices, while 48 percent think it's the product of routine state politics.

I'm sure Republicans will be shocked by Christie's sinking numbers, but the only thing that's shocking is that they thought spitting on voters at town halls was a brilliant political strategy.

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