Just two things:

ONE -- just heard on The Ed Show that Arnold and Maria's teenage son changed his last name on Facebook from Schwarzenegger to Shriver.

TWO -- these people, the crazy Republican party, once talked about changing the Constitution to allow foreign-born Arnold Schwarzenegger a path to run for president. And this is the party which slanders President Obama as ineligible because they lyingly claim he was not born in this country. >My head explodes!<

Llink above is to WSJ coverage to the release of Corsi's joke-book today and Esquire's hilarious punking of it. Also, be sure to check out the Obama campaign's Made in the USA t-shirts!

And, I know that commenting on the personal behaviors of the Shriver-Schwarzenegger family is unbecoming... but I found the tidbit about the son changing his name to be a positive thing. Sounds like a kid with a good head on his shoulders!


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