For those who can't wait until 2013 to see the movie, a trialmight suffice.

A source with knowledge of the John Edwards investigation has told NBC News that the Justice Department has given the go ahead for criminal charges to be filed against the former U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful, although the case could still potentially result in a plea agreement.

Federal authorities have been investigating whether Edwards illegally spent campaign contributions to hide his affair with one-time campaign videographer Rielle Hunter.

The infuriating, tragic, bewildering, sad, Shakespearean, hubristic and awful saga of former Senator Edwards continues.

I don't want to pile on here, so I'll focus on his poor kids.  All of them.   I can't imagine what they have been dealing with for the past few years.  It is beyond sad.   Like Arnold Schwarzenegger's children, none of them asked to be in this situation, and now they are stuck - hitched to a tabloid embarrassment they had nothing to do with, and will probably have to deal with the fallout for the rest of their lives.

It's just sad.

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