Because it is never too soon to start thinking of one.

This line alone seems perfect for her campaign slogan:

"If you want her you shouldn't tell her to leave."

Though I like this one too:  

"She's not always right."

And especially this one:  

"Why get Nervous?"

Because I really, really want Sarah Palin to run.  And be honest now, so do you.  The blog posts from Lowry and the Boys at National Review Online alone would make it all worthwhile.  Besides, making fun of Mittens just doesn't give me the same thrill, Gingrich is tarnished, Trump is way past his sell by date, and Michelle Bachmann is definitely the "Bargain Basement" version of our favorite "Who knows what crazy-ass thing she'll say next?" candidate-in-waiting.  

Plus the family melodrama alone would make a Palin Presidential campaign the best reality TV show evah!

Oh, and did I tell you Rushbo is slobbering all over himself at the prospect of Palin joining the - 7? 8? More than the above? - GOP dwarfs currently making the rounds and pretending that yes, they have the right stuff to be the Tea Party's next wet dream, when we all know that just ain't true.

Ps.  The song "Nervous" is from the newly released album by The Demos, a local band where I live and, yes, this is a shameless promotion on their behalf (though I swear they didn't pay me for it - yet).

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