Here we have it on Kos: Another Stolen News Cycle.  Yet another showering of media attention on Paul Ryan and the "bold" Republicans. And what I find in the article and in the comments is indignation over the FACT that the news media calls the Ryan plan "bold".  That and of course, a lot of "left wing" whining about the news media not reporting "our side" of the debate.  After all, we are the intelligent people and they are the Bubbas.

The news media is not at fault.  The Republicans have presented a plan that is "bold".  The fact that this "bold" plan  is not being well received by the people is also being reported.  But there is no falsehood in the overall reporting and no "right wing conspiracy" from the newsies here.

The Democrats are offering NOTHING.  They have no solutions and no BOLD PLAN backed by the president and the Senate majority leader and the House minority leader or the DNC or the DLC or any of the "D's" of the Democratic party.  Democrats have many "opinions" reflecting the vast array of "I am smarter that everyone else" progressives and  "liberals".  And what's worse is that each particular camp will reject any plan that does not coincide exactly with that particular camp's theological self love.  

We pragmatists have a low tolerance for the emotional compassion inherent in the less aware and are actually quite willing to compromise our own opinions in order to produce actual PROGRESS instead of "purity".  I am a HUGE fan of tax supported "single payer" until I realize that social insurance systems MUST be kept separate from general revenue systems if they are to be maintained through the political firestorms orchestrated by the greed based Republicans.  We pragmatists are not creatures of "principle".  But almost all of us who reside on the left side of the political spectrum are utilitarians.  e.g. What works for ALL is much better than  what works specifically for the poor.  I see Medicare Buy In as the current path and the current "way".  I can never find any RATIONAL disagreement with Medicare Buy In as THE Public Option.  When combined with the PPACA it accomplishes most, if not all of, the supposed goal of the "Medicare For All" and "Single Payer" sign carriers, arm band, and insignia purists.  For many on the left it is all about "purity" and "I am smarter or more compassionate than you" as opposed to being "what is the appropriate solution in the current political environment that moves us in the correct direction as a people".  What is it that will be a BOLD plan that will actually be accepted by the people?  That IS Medicare Buy In because it can be shown that Medical costs will be much lower for the average family that CHOOSES to enroll in the premium paid Medicare Insurance System. It can also be shown that the current seniors program can BENEFIT directly and indirectly from the buy in.

But the Democrats are not doing what they should be doing.  They are LETTING Paul Ryan and the Republicans do all the "Bold Leadership" and all the news grabbing.  And the people here at Kos continue to blame the news people for reporting the news.  Democrats aren't NEWS.

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