and, yes, I did email this to the DCCC, even if no one there is likely to read it.

Yes, the Republicans have embraced a radical, right-wing agenda. And the Democrats continue to have no backbone. You completely threw Anthony Weiner under the bus while the Republicans continue to get away with illegally hiring prostitutes, lying, and cheating.

I'm getting to the point where I'm really disgusted with the Democratic Party and it makes me wonder how bought and paid for you are. Again and again and again Democrats cave.

Well, now it's coming out that Boehner may have been sleeping with a lobbyist. Where's the investigation on that one? Show us that the Democrats aren't just a bunch of whining gutless wonders! At least fight to get rid of Vitter and further look into Coburn's role in the Ensign scandal.

I'm not saying I like what Weiner did, I'm just saying that decency isn't just for Democrats while Republicans continue to get a free pass. I'm really beginning to wonder which party has the bigger hypocrites.

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