George W. Bush's former press secretary, Dana "I think the Cuban missile crisis had something to do with Cuba and missiles" Perino and her Fox friends had a good little laugh about President Obama taking the time to send a Tweet:
If he has the time…maybe we should reexamine the roles and responsibilities of the president of the United States if you have time to do that.

Obviously, the extraordinary amount of time it takes to type 144 characters is a poor use of the president's time. Unlike, say, brush cutting:

President Bush is in Texas this week coming to terms with an old foe. The feud is well known, the ends are uncertain. The president is wielding a chainsaw.

"When he's out on his ranch, what he loves to do is spend time in the outdoors," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. "I would expect that there would be some brush cutting to do."

Brush cutting was, in fact, such a high priority of the former president that he spent 490 days of his presidency at his Crawford ranch, and another 487 days at Camp David.

So clearly, President Obama doesn't take his roles and responsibilities as president very seriously, unlike Bush the Overachiever. If he did, he'd be spending a third of his time on vacation too.

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