Asian Animation Studio Next Media has released this anime summary of New York's marriage equality victory. It's hilarious, but it's also a pretty accurate 60-second summary.

The sequence with the President is a particularly, er, animated, take on the dynamic between the admin and LGBT community on this topic.

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More awkward press for the White House. The New York Times editorial page has joined the chorus of people calling on President Obama to endorse marriage equality. Today, they ran an editorial titled, "Gay Marriage: Where’s Mr. Obama?"
For now, all Mr. Obama promised was a gauzy new “chapter” in the story if he is re-elected, and his views remain officially “evolving.”

Fundamental equality, however, is hardly the equivalent of a liquor law that can vary on opposite sides of a state line. Why is Mr. Obama so reluctant to say the words that could lend strength to a national effort now backed by a majority of Americans?

In the 2008 campaign, when Mr. Obama said he supported civil unions and believed marriage should be between men and women, he may have wanted to appeal to slightly more conservative voters who were wary of him.

After he took office, it became evident that Republicans intended to portray him as a radical, out-of-touch leftist no matter what he did. Supporting same-sex marriage at this point is hardly going to change that drumbeat, and any voter for whom that is a make-or-break issue will probably not be an Obama supporter anyway.

Firm support for gay marriage is, on the other hand, likely to help him among his cheerless base. Mr. Obama opposes the Defense of Marriage Act and is presiding over the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” He signed the United Nations declaration on gay rights, and allowed the Census to count same-sex relationships. But he has been absent from the biggest and most difficult drive of all.

It's not only the gay activists saying, #evolvealready. But, really, what does the New York Times know about politics?

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