Even in the Religious Right's pantheon of whacky preachers David Barton is a stand out. That's probably why Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck like him so much.  Michele Bachmann was so impressed with Barton's line of delusional garbage that she had Barton lecture her House Tea Party Caucus on his peculiar version of American history.


Understanding Bachmann's View That The Founders Opposed Slavery

But Bachmann’s belief that the Founding Fathers were actually abolitionists makes sense in the world of conservative alternative history created by David Barton.

Bachmann is a fan of Barton and even invited the pseudo-historian to address members of Congress in a lecture sponsored by her House Tea Party Caucus. Barton insists that Founders were not only devoted opponents of slavery, but actually fought the revolution against Britain to end it. Even though Britain abolished slavery two decades before the U.S., Barton insists that the War of Independence was really about America’s desire to end slavery against Britain’s wishes:

From my diary about David Barton last March:

“Rediscovering God in America” Conference told Jesus hates Minimum Wage & Estate Tax

David Barton is a purported "Expert" historian/religious scholar who also addressed the “Rediscovering God in America” conference. David Barton explained how progressive taxation in all of its forms are "anti-biblical".

   "The Bible is so good on economic issues and specifically on taxation issues that we used to know what kind of taxes are good and what kind of taxes are bad." ~ David Barton

1. God hates Capital Gains Taxes

2. God hates Progressive Income Taxes

3. God hates Estate Taxes

4. God hates the Minimum Wage

How could my Sunday School teachers have gotten some of the main tenets from the Bible so backwards? Jesus has a great Love for making rich people even richer. Redressing inequality, and making sure the poor are paid fairly are anti-biblical!

This sounds like the Gospel according to David and Charles Koch.

Rev. Barton has also said: "Why don't we regulate Homosexuality?' Smaller government? These Religious Fascists want the government to become a sort of sexual Big Brother.

Rev. David Barton is who Michele Bachmann turns to for guidance on spiritual, sexual, historical, tax, and minimum wage issues.

Scary huh?

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