I'm old.  At 63, my taste in music has been pretty stagnant for quite a few years.

But this morning, while I was looking for some sort of hook for an essay that I felt needed to be written, I discovered Make It Stop (September's Children) by Rise Against.

This probably isn't the hook I was really looking for.  I've been a bit depressed lately that it seems like I have lost the knack for generating a discussion about freedom from oppression.  Or even a discussion about the oppression that some of us face every day.

But whatever.  A little good news once in a while can make it seem like the oppression isn't even there, right?

I've got several versions of videos for the song here.  The first one includes the lyrics.

Someone decided that some names should be attached to the song and created this video.

The band joined the It Gets Better campaign and this version was created and released.
Then we have a couple of pieces that include the music in private ventures.

Did you know?  On July 2, 2009, the Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexuality.  The celebration of that anniversary this year will also be a platform to appeal to the Supreme Court to uphold the Delhi High Court's decision.

People gathered at the Kunzum Travel Cafe for a session entitled Charcha, Chai Aur Coffee to commemorate the anniversary.  Sponsored by the American Center, they watched, among others, Hillary Clinton's It Gets Better message.

It is difficult for men and women from the lower economic groups to come out of the closet and declare their sexual preferences,” said a Delhi-based filmmaker of the LGBT community (requesting anonymity). “I have worked with Milan which provides support network to gay men. Most of the men refuse to be identified and often feel isolated."


The debate about LGBT communities in US is centred around Christianity; whereas in India, parents force them to marry and procreate. Gay marriages became a legal reality in New York last week, but I don't see it happening so easily in India.

--Aaron, American gay man

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