ActBlue has been a huge success story for the left, serving as a hub for Democratic giving online. Through its role as a clearinghouse, ActBlue has helped process over $192,000,000 worth of donations since 2004. It's extremely popular, and though they took their time in doing so, the right finally started copying ActBlue several years ago. In fact, conservatives launched three different, competing efforts, so I was curious to see what they were all up to these days. I took a screenshot of each site, reproduced below.


No worries, guys! You have plenty of time to catch the biggest GOP wave in a generation ... yeah. All right, so, Rightroots evidently isn't going so well. But that still leaves two more.

Big Red Tent:

Surely they must be undergoing temporary maintenance, right? Urm, well, not, it seems, according to their Twitter feed:
So they've been resting for the last couple of years. I'm sure Randy Altschuler and David Harmer and Bill Brady didn't mind a bit! But no matter—I'll bet the miracle of the free market ensures that behind door #3, Republicans still maintain a thriving online donation site, yes? After all, this last one is the undisputed heavyweight, "the Republican ActBlue." So let's have a look.


Yikes! Did I catch them at a moment of server trouble? Let's go check that Twitter feed once more—I'm sure they'll have an update for us:
They're back! Just in time! Oh, er ... 10 months ago. After an 11-month nap. Maybe they'll show up again soon!

Anyhow, folks, there you have it: the state of online giving for Republicans today. They are now only seven years behind us, but I'm sure they'll catch up soon!

UPDATE: But wait, that's not all! Sometimes the invisible hand sure does a good job of rendering things ... invisible. But from the mists of time emerge still others. Go below the fold for more.


Feel the redmentum!

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