As you no doubt have heard, former Rep. and spokesperson for the people, Alan Grayson from Orlando, FL will be running for Congress again in 2012!  Grayson is known for being an outspoken Democrat who famously characterized the Republican plan for health care overhaul as amounting to "Don't get sick. " Or if you do get sick "Die Quickly."  How outspoken is he? Click here for a collection of his videos on the issues:  

Guess what else?

GRAYSON IS A BIG FAN OF "The Ironic News Report"! We are excited about that! Here's what he said:

I watch it and I laugh. Out loud.  Many times. Not just a chuckle, or a chortle, but a full-throated, grin on my face belly laugh.  The writing, the illustrations, and the acting all are great, and the editing is split-second perfect.

Glad you like it AG!  

Do the Kos'ers like it too? Hope so! We'll be checking out your comments!

Here is this week's edition:

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