So, I'm reading WAPO and come across Gregg Sargent's PLum Line and read this:
"you know who doesn't deserve government money - black people".  I read it over and over because I couldn't believe a person running for President could make such a statement.  But there it is in quotation marks.  There it is, words from the mouth of Michelle Bachmann, the strange woman with the strange husband who both put government money in their pockets on a regular basis.  Talk about your white privilege!


    Perhaps these words are acceptable when you've already written off people of color as potential voters.  Or maybe just being surrounded by Iowa Republicans and standing with Steve King makes all things insane not only possible but endearing.   Or was it a just a headache?       I know from experience that intense pain can prevent one from editing one's words but when one seeks the presidency I think it would be better to take a couple days off, deal with the pain, reflect on your outrageous remark and consider how to issue a public apology.  Anyone think that will happen?  I don't.  I suspect if she's confronted she'll claim she was quoted out of context or stare into space ,ignore the question, and begin her scripted babble about returning America to the days of her imaginary "Founders".

Update:  Due to objections in comments I e-mailed Greg Sargent for confirmation or explanation.  I recieved this reply from him:    "see the update -- we thought it was clear from the context it wasn't a real quote -- we've clarified -- apologies for any difficulties".  My thanks to Mr. Sargent for his explanation and the edit to the WAPO article.  And my apology to readers of DKos for passing along misleading information.  I will not, however, apologize to Ms. Bachmann or her sidekick, Mr. King, for using a disaster in one area to disparage those in another area who they deem unworthy of government funds.  

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