Last I recall this opera was being scored by commonmass and liberettoed upon Impolitic.

I hereby suggest to these esteemed Kossacks, and other group members, the following cast members.

The Voices of Hate Mail

Hate mail type vocal part Comments
Hates gays Tenor Good part for a gay guy who is so far out of the closet he can't even see his extra shoes.
Religious hater Soprano Written SHRILL.
Science denier Tenor A difficult role. This part (like the deniers themselves) is out of touch with reality - that is, the denier role is written in the dominant 7th key compared to the music and other voices. They are going DOWN a step rather than up 7 - trying to sound "authoritative" and instead sound jarring
Dems are traitors Alto Should sound menacing
Dems are commies / economic Bass Should sound menacing. Both this part and "Dems are traitors" should have militaristic / police style costumes
None of the above Soprano Often a comic role. Some of the purely insane comes in here
EDSCAN ???? Because you PROMISED

Other roles

Role Voice Comments
The Front Page Bass The Voice of Authority and therefore a bass in the opera tradition even if Markos is not a bass
Snark Ensemble The Voice of Snark is kept on the side of the stage, similar to a Greek Chorus, commenting on the absurdity of those who are center stage
The professional left Soprano Used to advance the views of those who are on the left wing of Daily Kos.
The Pragmatic Center Tenor Used to advance the views of those who are the right wing of Daily Kos
Truth Alto Used to make statements of historical / scientific fact as needed
Pie Soprano Let's face it. We must have pie to spout pure nonesense as needed
All non-h8r roles are treated with respect - i.e., "The Professional Left" and "The Pragmatic Center" are not mocked by Snark.

Thanks, Blue Aardvark, for this contribution. This is what we need! --commonmass and the Daily Kos Light Opera Company Project.

Originally posted to The Daily Kos Light Opera Company on Sat Jul 23, 2011 at 01:50 PM PDT.

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