This is not my story, although it is everyone's story in a society that claims to be democratic and free.

madtowngirl2, a mother in Madison, recently took her son to get his free voter ID card at the DMV. It wasn't as straightforward as it should have been. She began to video record her encounter.

Video below the squiggle.

It's long, but in a nutshell, the son's bank statement is scrutinized and nearly rejected because there is not enough "activity" on the account (WTF???).

Then, he is almost charged for his free ID. This is because a VOTER ID is free, but the same state ID that isn't used for voting ISN'T free. The staff don't ask what the ID is for, so the potential for error is great (WTF???).

madtowngirl2 then asks about the requirements for a homeless person. Basically, if you aren't living in a shelter, you can't get a voter ID. And therefore can't vote.


Add to that how difficult it is to get "proof of residency" documents if you're homeless, if you're poor, if you move a lot, if you were born in another state in another era, and how costly it is in terms of time and money to procure this "proof" if it isn't in your safe deposit box or metal filing cabinet or otherwise handy.

I'm working the Wisconsin State Senate recalls and have had personal experience with trying to communicate the intricate ins-and-outs of this new suppression law. This video is an infuriating example of how the right wing WILL successfully suppress the vote. The layers of bureaucracy are nearly insurmountable for anyone without resources.

I don't have much to add myself; I just want to spread the word.


Not 5 minutes after posting this diary, I got an email:

Posted By: Josh Beck
To: Members in Vote No on Walker's Budget Bill
Voter ID or Voter Suppression or Poll Tax?

Wow...this is quite the hassle to get the "free" card for voting. I can't believe that someone would be denied a voting ID cause they don't have enough "activity" on a back account or cause they are currently homeless. Wow...welcome to Walkerville!
[link to youtube video above]

The outrage is making the rounds!

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