By sabotaging the debt-limit ceiling talks for good last week, John Boehner has taken the first step towards sending the economy into an even more ruinous tailspin than it took in 2008.  Below is an image of the price of gold (green line) from today.  Normally the overseas gold markets are pretty sedate, but as can be seen the metal shot up almost twenty dollars at opening.

Keep in mind that it is not really gold increasing in value but the dollar plummeting  .

Too bad there’s no way to do instant recall elections.  I’m sure all those birdbrains who voted the teabaggers into office last fall are now wringing their hands over what they have wrought.  I mean, how stupid do you have to be to really think the GOP will do anything but rob and screw everybody except the rich and business interests?

And even if a way is found out of this GOP-created debt-ceiling morass there is more to come just as soon as Congress begins debating the 2012 budget.  Remember please that the GOP is adamant on adhering to the Social Security and Medicare killing Paul Ryan budget proposal.  So it’s going to be non-stop financial and political horror until the teabag monsters who were elected in 2010 are turned out of office.

I’d say the odds are fifty-fifty that the GOP’s intransigence will plunge the country into a real Depression by next year.  Their only aim (expressed explicitly by Mitch McConnell), since they don’t give a rat’s ass about the country or anybody in it worth less than $1 million, is to defeat Barack Obama at the polls in 2012.  Even if it means obliterating the society, the economy and the future of America?  Why, of course.  The GOP’s first rule is:  Ideology Trumps Everything.

Is there any way out of this?  I can think of one, and it would involve an appropriately Biblical punishment—stoning.  


Due solely to GOP stubborness, is the US headed for fiscal disaster?

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