When do we know what we're doing is being done well?  

Who's going to tell you that you need to try something else?  Probably no one.  But then does it really matter?

Most of us tend to think we're not quite good enough to participate in art, sports, working, parenting, whatever.  

I'm betting that on the opposite side, those who think they're God's wonderful gift to all humanity through their excellent performance, are in the minority.  

Let me remind the reader one thing:  In particular, art is for you. It is a process, not so much the final product.  The final product is the end of the process, but in the long run, it's less important than the doing, the getting there.

Some of the most enjoyable, colorful and spontaneous art I've seen has come from persons who are developmentally challenged.  One can see in their art that the "artist" had fun making whatever it is.  The finished piece then exudes that joy, that positive feeling.

If you don't feel right doing a painting and you've really tried to get a thrill from it, then move on to something else, such as pen and ink, poetry, dance, theater, music, even potholder making.  JUST DO SOMETHING!

In my case, I tried my hand at poetry.  I made myself meet with established poets.  I read to them what I wrote.  I was scared to death, but what I read was mine.  Only I could write it.  I convinced myself to receive their critiques; to accept some and at other times, to reject them.  I learned that opinions are just that...opinions.  Professionals have theirs, and I have mine.  I have life experiences.  I combine those experiences with words and feelings.  Voila!  MY POEMS!

Then there is the photography:  By anyone's estimation, my work probably won't go down in photo art history, but that doesn't mean I can't do it.  Not much gives me the surge of creativity as does seeing beautiful colors, sharp contrasts, enticing textures or intriguing angles as does nature and life in general all around me.  I try to catch it digitally.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes not.  But it's fun, and I'm positive that the law of averages will give me that nice picture occasionally. If not, so what?  

So treat that right side of the brain.  Don't put it down anymore!  It wants to create.  Let it!  The ego wants to be best.  Let creativity flourish and tell the ego to take a vacation.  

Then be out there!  Don't apologize. Accept compliments when they come, and BELIEVE them! And go on and have more fun, even work harder if that's where your creativity is leading you.

You deserve to create.  Leave it up to your Higher Power whether it will bring you glorification or not. Think of that as dessert.  Creating is the actual main course!  

Originally posted to people power granny on Sun Jul 24, 2011 at 07:28 PM PDT.

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