In listening to John Boehner's ramblings tonight, I got stuck on one line:

"The bigger the government, the smaller the people."

James Fallows, a former presidential speech-writer, has thoughts on that phrase here:

As an actual line, sitting there on its own in a very short speech, it is about as clumsy an eight-word stretch of English as I can remember.

And Jonathan Cohn calls Boehner out on his truthiness here:

Actually, that's not true. Statistically speaking, the world's tallest people live in the Netherlands, where government spending accounts for about half of gross domestic product. In fact, most countries in northern Europe, including the social democratic utopias of Scandinavia, now have taller people than the U.S.

Did this bother anyone else?

Does anyone have any more truthies that Boehner can use in his next speech?

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