Marsha-the liar-Blackburn had a can of whoop-ass served to her on a plate by
Lawrence O'Donnell and Rob Andrews!

Did you see Lawrence O'Donnell call Marsha Blackburn a LIAR??
Not once, but twice!!!

more below the fold if you can take it.... but first a warning:

take your blood pressure medication before watching!

The art of the filibuster is taken to a new level by, Marsha Blackburn.

The amazing ability to talk without breathing combined with the extraordinary skill of memorization, it's pretty amazing to listen to her as she spits out one crazy talking point after another without barely taking a breath. All this while appearing to be in some sort of trance.

Though she is actually speaking with two other people, they can't actually get a word in, and when they do, she utters little teenie weenie no no no s right over their facts... (yea, those little no s cancel out those facts!)

Lawrence O'Donnell is a patient man. He waits and waits and waits until finally, just after the 3 minute mark, he makes his move and jumps in to call her out!
Asking the congresswoman if she and her party actually tell the truth to each other behind closed doors or do they go on with the lying even amongst their own caucus. A brilliant question that clearly ruffled her feathers.

She says how insulted she was at the framing of the question.

Insulted???? Really?????
You, Marsha-the-liar-Blackburn, have been lying to the people of this country for years, and YOU are insulted??? Oh.... help me get off the floor. I'm laughing so hard I just fell on the floor!!!

Anyway, Rob and Lawrence attempted, many times, to join Marsha in her crazy little hypnotic-talking-without-breathing game, but it would have to be another time.
The clock ran out.
The buzzer sounded.
The bell rang.

Lawrence did invite her back to play again....
but I wouldn't hold your breath (pun intended)
somehow I doubt Marsha will be back any time soon.


Seriously, this is it folks, the state of the republican party.
With rhetoric that is nothing but lies, distortion and talking points thought up by some right-wing "think"(HA!!!) tank on K street, the damage they are causing to our country and our ability to effectively move forward, is profound. Politicians like Marsha Blackburn are the problem!

One more thing:
You, congresswoman, are a LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!

If anyone knows how to embed this without the commercial in the beginning, please let me know and I'll take it out... also, if anyone has the strength or wherewithal to transcribe this mess, I'LL HAPPILY PAY YOU ONE BAZILLION DOLLARS!! or give a h/t (whichever amount is smaller, of course)

My brain is too small and still exploding to try to figure it out :)

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