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I am going to give in to Denise Oliver Velez's request to turn a comment into a diary. The aversion to length (TL;DR) is a peculiar modern affliction, but I will make it easier for people who ...
TarheelDem 05/24/2015
12:01 PM
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The situation with Kansas mental health care providers has continued to grow more problematic. Over the last four years, I've written about continued cuts , Staffing Shortfalls , as well as concerns ...
Chris Reeves 05/24/2015
12:00 PM
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You ever get the feeling you aren't being heard? Don't worry, we have an app for that.
whoknu 05/24/2015
12:00 PM
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Conservatives heard about Josh Duggar raping at least 5 of his very young sisters. They heard about how his parents knew, tried to cover it all up, and sickeningly allowed it to continue for an ...
SemDem 05/24/2015
11:39 AM
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In my early days of the Vietnam War, my crew and I slept on Guam, an island from which our B52s flew west day and night. Sometimes, our flying schedule left us some room to head to the airbase's ...
B52D 05/24/2015
11:29 AM
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What is the difference between Israel and the USA? Israel violates international law and gets its biggest advocate and protector to stand by its side during international review and debate over ...
ChloeMS 05/24/2015
11:20 AM
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You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Wednesday ...
JayRaye 05/24/2015
11:00 AM
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On page 198 Problems of Empiricism: Volume 2: Philosophical Papers 1985. Paul Feyerabend describes a quote attributed to Einstein from a lecture in Prague in 1920: If the observations of ...
PriceRip 05/24/2015
10:35 AM
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Last night I was telling some friends that the current Republican clown car of presidential pretenders is so ridiculous that it even makes John McCain--the guy who picked Sarah Palin--look ...
Timaeus 05/24/2015
10:35 AM
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Tears well as a tsunami of emotion rises in me threatening to break through my skin and fill the world. All it takes is a song, a word, a memory - and I rumble like an earthquake down where the deep ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 05/24/2015
10:30 AM
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I was sitting on the couch channel-surfing with my mom one afternoon when she stopped on Long Island Medium , a self-professed psychic who supposedly puts the living in contact with the dead. ...
SecularSchoolTeacher 05/24/2015
10:26 AM
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Note that the video above was shot on May 8, 2015, set to Debussy's Clair de Lune, by the YouTube user NorthOlbo who makes wonderful pieces about the British Columbian coast. Check him out. The ...
MarineChemist 05/24/2015
10:06 AM
7 19
It's just amazing how much criticism of elite Republicans goes on here at DailyKos.com! So what does all of this criticism say about elite Republicans? They play us for suckers , they wage war on ...
Cassiodorus 05/24/2015
10:00 AM
23 13
jotter 05/24/2015
09:44 AM
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Americans used to have rights. Primarily the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Also we supposedly have the the right to be "secure from unreasonable searches and seizures of ...
jamess 05/24/2015
09:40 AM
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jotter 05/24/2015
09:40 AM
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About a week ago, I posted an off-topic entry called "Attorney Chad" is about to have a really bad weekend. It appears that after the tragic Amtrak derailment a couple of weeks ago, a Philadelphia-...
Brainwrap 05/24/2015
09:37 AM
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Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin says he voted no, but recognizes that this election represents a reality check for the Catholic Church. Ireland, one of the world's most predominantly ...
Chris Reeves 05/24/2015
09:17 AM
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I post a weekly diary of historical notes, arts & science items, foreign news (often receiving little notice in the US) and whimsical pieces from the outside world that I often feature in "Cheers & ...
Ed Tracey 05/24/2015
08:50 AM
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I was looking for the best example of what is wrong with America before you say "if you don't like it leave" how about instead we try to improve it since we're not even in the top 10 in many ...
streicher187 05/24/2015
08:49 AM
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My Grandpa Avery was a soft spoken man. He stood 6-feet-2 with eyes so blue. He believed in honor and duty, too, and when he returned Home on the Battleship Texas from WWI, the family never heard a ...
Leah Sellers 05/24/2015
08:43 AM
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Is the title of this post by someone named Jim Wright, which I think you will want to read. It is a totally brutal putdown of the likes of Mitt Romney and John McCain, of the neocons who pushed us ...
teacherken 05/24/2015
08:39 AM
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Prehistory refers to the past for which there is no written history, which means that the primary information comes from the findings of archaeology. One of the periods of European prehistory is the ...
Ojibwa 05/24/2015
08:30 AM
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Change one word from the Robert Burns poem "Parcel o’ Rogues" and it is moved from 18th century Scotland to today. The Scottish nobles are now our congress critters. Just a thought while listening ...
BOHICA 05/24/2015
08:20 AM
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Disclaimer: I have no idea what the Duggars girls feel right now but I can offer an opinion on what it feels like to be a survivor of sexual abuse going through a media storm. I am the survivor ...
sideboth 05/24/2015
08:18 AM
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appears on p. 158 of the new book by former CIA #2 Michael Morrell, a book titled The Great War of Our Time: The CIA's Against Terrorism From Al Qaeda to ISIS . It is in the context of the planning ...
teacherken 05/24/2015
08:01 AM
260 188
Former ALEC member turned whistleblower Georgia senator Nan Orrock: "There are votes taken that have the corporate votes at the same table with the legislators on what bills to pick. That at its ...
gnosticator 05/24/2015
07:47 AM
36 31
Unbelievable b.s. coming from David Frum, a conservative senior editor at The Atlantic, charging that immigrants are responsible for California's water crisis. Population has grown by 10 mn ...
VL Baker 05/24/2015
07:47 AM
63 76
Otis Clay is an American R&B and soul singer, who started in gospel music. In 2013, Clay was inducted to the Blues Hall of Fame.
NCTim 05/24/2015
07:39 AM
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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
Steven Payne 05/24/2015
07:30 AM
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This is a roundup of news related to Palestine with a particular focus on grassroots action and peaceful civil disobedience in the Occupied Territories and within the borders of Israel proper. We ...
subir 05/24/2015
07:30 AM
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Earlier this week, in between the much-appreciated & simultaneously disagreeable-to-hiking rain storms, I took my dogs out for a wildflower sight-seeing hike. We went to a close, common hike for us, ...
Thinking Fella 05/24/2015
07:25 AM
72 85
Noted authority on the wholesome family Jim Bob Duggar knew his oldest son was molesting his own sisters under his own roof. He thought an appropriate response would be to haul the boy off to a ...
SantaFeMarie 05/24/2015
07:16 AM
13 17
For part of my yute, Chicago had a number of dailies, the trib, the suntimes, and several others covering different issues from a variety of political points of view. There were times when a couple ...
agnostic 05/24/2015
07:14 AM
13 12
This morning it was announced that John Nash, famed mathemtician was killed on the New Jersey turnpike in a tragic car crash that claimed his life and that of his wife. John Forbes Nash Jr., the ...
Brubs 05/24/2015
07:08 AM
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Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. It has been a while since I felt like doing art. ...
michelewln 05/24/2015
07:06 AM
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Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
belinda ridgewood 05/24/2015
07:00 AM
16 21
Good Sunday, GUSgreenies!!!!!!! Sure, we all know my entire ancestral family pushed the vote wayyyyyy over the top for the Yes vote in Ireland for Marriage Equality. You can thank me and mine later.
gchaucer2 05/24/2015
07:00 AM
40 13
Good morning! Welcome to the DKos Sangha weekly open thread. This is an open thread for members of the DKos Sangha and others who are interested in discussions concerning how we integrate our ...
davehouck 05/24/2015
07:00 AM
13 12
There is no Dawn Chorus diary today but please post bird photos, queries, cool sightings, etc. in a comment. Any and all are welcome. To get the ball rolling below are some photos of a juvenile ...
matching mole 05/24/2015
06:12 AM
45 23
Perhaps you, like me, missed this People Magazine interview with Mike Huckabee. He slams the Obamas for letting their daughters listen to Beyonce. He holds up the Duggars as a better example. "I'...
SantaFeMarie 05/24/2015
06:12 AM
101 129 2
I have been repulsed by the Duggars since the beginning. Indescriminate spawning of children is not something that I believe should be promoted as shown on the Duggars show. But thats beside the ...
Kyrie 1 05/24/2015
06:09 AM
5 4
Welcome to the 2015 Daily Kos Backyard Science Yardbird Race! This is the fifth tally for 2015, and is the official place to post your sightings, ask for help, and brag some if you wish. Here's ...
bwren 05/24/2015
06:00 AM
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Huge news in Pennsylvania in the US Senate race for 2016. Josh Shapiro, Montgomery County Commissioner (who won renomination for another 4 year term just last week), the candidate that Washington, ...
pasuburbdem1 05/24/2015
05:56 AM
18 3
Mirror Kisses - Keep A ...
danps 05/24/2015
05:53 AM
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There isn’t a day that goes by when the thundering echoes of war escape us. Today, we live in a world rife with radical extremists like al Qaeda and daesh, defiantly justified to maim and kill in ...
Marinade Dave 05/24/2015
05:14 AM
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Who wants to get married? Let's do it. Our odds of long-haul happiness will be no worse than anyone else's. We all know the claim that half of marriages conclude in divorce. True or not , I like ...
SoyBueno 05/24/2015
05:07 AM
12 2
On this day in Labor History the year was 1883. The “eighth wonder of the world, the Brooklyn Bridge opened for traffic. 600 men worked on the project, which took 14 years to complete. Between ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/24/2015
05:00 AM
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Joined on 24 May 2005, soon after the closing of Billmon's Whyskey Bar and found myself orphaned and in need of somewhere else suitably progressive. Haven't been much of a diary writer, but I ...
Lepanto 05/24/2015
04:52 AM
10 16
Rested. Replenished. Stepping forward..
nicolemaschke 05/24/2015
04:46 AM
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I will not expound on how I am totally disgusted with this situation and everyone surrounding it, but here are just a few of the questions every media person should be asking, over and ...
aboutmri 05/24/2015
04:39 AM
35 16
Peace and prosperity -- I'm loving it!
Cartoon Peril 05/24/2015
04:37 AM
9 8
Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 6:30 a.m. Eastern (and perhaps sometimes earlier!). Feel ...
officebss 05/24/2015
03:30 AM
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Dear Members We have heard some comments that some foreigners are worried about visiting our sacred shores, we would like to encourage them to visit the only truly exceptional country on the planet.
LaFeminista 05/24/2015
02:53 AM
10 10
We all talk a pretty piece about economic inequality, but the truth is we love it. Equality is the last thing we want. The math looks like this: 7.25 billion people on the planet divided by world ...
J Williams 05/24/2015
12:52 AM
I was having some dizziness and lightheadedness at about 10:30pm, and a little disorientation. so I called 911. I was then taken to the hospital. The explanation is below... By the way... It's ...
nicolemaschke 05/24/2015
12:38 AM
5 3
At an iconoclastic level of understanding, burning an politically invalid piece of cloth seems slightly pyromaniac, and even reactionary or provocative, and as art perhaps slightly more creative, ...
annieli 05/24/2015
12:21 AM
29 26
I am inviting a lively discussion about what folks think the upcoming Supreme Court Marriage Equality ruling will be and if you would share why you believe this. Will they? 1. Uphold the state ...
AllenMcw 05/23/2015
11:48 PM
20 3
Are you 25 or older? Are you an American citizen? Have you been an American citizen for 7 years or longer? Do you have a college degree? Are you unemployed or massively underemployed? Have you ...
pseudonym76 05/23/2015
11:07 PM
7 13
Marriage Equality Opponents: the 1st Amendment does *not* give you the right to break the law! They constantly try to make themselves the victim because they are not allowed to force their ...
AllenMcw 05/23/2015
10:46 PM
13 9
Governor Brownback is at again! Making life, for the poor, even more miserable! Kansas Republicans have put forward a new policy initiative that's almost shocking in its clear intent to harm ...
john972 05/23/2015
09:56 PM
32 34
Last weekend, my mother stopped on her way home from visiting my other siblings and actually stayed one night. She arrived mid-day on Sunday and, a couple hours later in the middle of gossiping ...
loggersbrat 05/23/2015
09:55 PM
43 14
I'm sure this is common knowledge but just in case you missed it, here it is: Memorial Day had an interesting start: The first widely-publicized observance of a Memorial Day-type observance after ...
don mikulecky 05/23/2015
09:35 PM
8 13 1
and grateful to Bernie Sanders. The decades of Republican-driven hopelessness may be receding just a little. Light is on the horizon. Here's a little haiku to put this into the Daily Kos minimum ...
Galtisalie 05/23/2015
09:34 PM
22 17 1
Makala sees a black bear This is an update on the family I'm trying to help. Please see this diary for the full story. For the record, I don't really like this title because I see Chelsie, Terrance,
patrickz 05/23/2015
09:15 PM
21 44 1
Welcome to the Saturday Science Edition of Overnight News Digest Overnight News Digest is a regular daily feature which provides noteworthy news items and commentary from around the world. The ...
Man Oh Man 05/23/2015
08:55 PM
13 32
...but I didn't really, until this last week, because I had never experienced it directly. I am finding the Duggar mess, and the way the media is covering it to be very triggering. I am upset by ...
Shadowcatdancing 05/23/2015
08:48 PM
33 105
The Saturday Night Round Table - aka Wink and RG's Lonely Hearts Club Jam - is on! We're talkin' TeaBagger dip$h!ttery, Movies, Pop Culture and some News and Politics du jour. Join the convo at 417-
winkk 05/23/2015
08:42 PM
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As I wrote in my last diary, the Huckster has been making news regarding Josh Duggar’s molestations by 1.) Defending Josh and seemingly ignoring the victims of Josh’s crime and 2.) Claiming that ...
Benthovens5th 05/23/2015
08:40 PM
25 10
There are perhaps 4500 black rhinos left in the world. As of last Monday, there was one fewer.
noweasels 05/23/2015
08:03 PM
193 98
If I get high enough, this video will begin to make sense. I'm sure of it.
glb3 05/23/2015
07:23 PM
12 7
A look at the big story coming out of the Emerald Isle ... and one not so well-known (yet still historic, as well), after the jump .....
Ed Tracey 05/23/2015
07:02 PM
34 43
In commenting on another poster's misunderstanding of Regression to the Mean, I recalled a question on that subject that I have had before. My understanding is that Dalton expected that ...
Frank Palmer 05/23/2015
06:54 PM
10 3
The Irish people's brilliant affirmation of marriage equality yesterday has naturally caused some gnashing of teeth among the ever-fewer Catholics who are devoted to their idea of "traditional ...
devtob 05/23/2015
06:40 PM
45 69 1

 "We were right to invade Iraq in 2003 to remove Saddam Hussein, and to complete the job we should have finished in 1991.
" March 1, ...
ATexican 05/23/2015
06:39 PM
11 8 1
I grew up in a rural area of Ireland. Even then, the societal fabric was dominated by the Catholic Church. All government parties toed the line to a greater or lesser extent. No longer. The ...
Murchadha 05/23/2015
06:29 PM
16 19
This is a short diary and I am advocating nothing. I don't understand why the systematically oppressed and murdered without justice in this country are always supposed to take the higher ground ...
ExpatGirl 05/23/2015
06:26 PM
45 14 2
One vintage bumper-sticker type slogan goes: "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." That came to mind when I was reading this NYT interactive article , "Your ...
chingchongchinaman 05/23/2015
06:23 PM
20 6
This story keeps getting ickier. From radaronline.com : After Josh Duggar admitted to his parents Jim Bob and Michelle that he had fondled multiple minor females in his home, his parents say they ...
ericlewis0 05/23/2015
06:21 PM
194 288 5
After blogging and writing a diary yesterday regarding some work I've done in measuring diversity in populations in different nerdy ways, I thought I would be done with the subject for a while. ...
leviabowles 05/23/2015
06:12 PM
2 2
This is just a short appendix to my post from yesterday , wherein I described fraud being perpetrated by the likes of Monckton and Watts in convincing low-information types that global warming (aka ...
OutOnALimb 05/23/2015
06:04 PM
2 8
'Tis summer, and time for a middle aged woman's fancies to turn to thoughts of bad books. Not only bad books, of course. I picked up several excellent books at Kalamazoo last week, two of which I'...
Ellid 05/23/2015
06:00 PM
25 24 2
I think I've hit upon a smart way for us to deal with Iran: get into bed with them. If we were to sign a mutual defense treaty with Iran, it would accomplish several worthwhile things. First, it ...
relleno 05/23/2015
05:53 PM
22 1
Anemia is a condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a main part of red blood cells and binds oxygen. If you have too few or ...
BFSkinner 05/23/2015
05:43 PM
7 6
Rick Scott sucks. Most of the Florida legislators suck. They suck for many reasons, not the least of which is trying to make it illegal for gay people to adopt children. The stupid law that was ...
nancyjones 05/23/2015
05:37 PM
8 31 1
Welcome to Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up , a weekly series for people who enjoy light mental exercise spiced with politics, humor, and odd bits of trivia. On Sunday nights, in the regular Sunday Puzzle ...
Nova Land 05/23/2015
05:00 PM
16 2
By Christine Gutierrez-Boswell It has been awhile since I have authored a column here. Fortunately, the news never gets less interesting, and unfortunately gets worse for women. The top news ...
cboswell 05/23/2015
05:00 PM
111 25 1
Chrislove 05/23/2015
05:00 PM
86 34
Mature hugelkultur bed after 20 years I have 5 Ponderosa Pines at the end of my yard. Sure, they're great for shade, but what do you do with trees that shed long needles all over the place and ...
Gwennedd 05/23/2015
05:00 PM
119 59
No particular theme, and I'll be doing dinner when it first posts, but there's a hole to plug here. I had started gathering stuff when Johnny said it was off, so I'll just throw some stuff out here. ...
enhydra lutris 05/23/2015
04:58 PM
40 32
Color me strange. I just don't get it. From the US Open Website; All volunteers for the 2015 U.S. Open Championship will volunteer for a minimum of four (4) shifts with each lasting approximately ...
Piren 05/23/2015
04:48 PM
13 4
Life does occasionally have existential moments of decision-making, Odds are in the above case, some of the bullets were meant for either of two targets. Was the stopped car at that moment, a ...
annieli 05/23/2015
04:32 PM
20 10
For this recipe, you will need 1 Pepe Romero 1 Neville Mariner 1 Chamber Orchestra of the Academy of St. Martin In the Fields (If Messrs. Romero and Mariner are otherwise engaged, or if you haven'...
ruleoflaw 05/23/2015
04:30 PM
75 35 2
my eye color--not blue! I've been swimming in the Kos pond for a while now, getting acquainted with the ecosystem. I haven't found any super turtles yet. But I did bump into my mentor, SOTS. ...
Alligator Ed 05/23/2015
04:28 PM
5 6
The teaparty darling who hates all things Obama has allowed his hatred to go so far that he is parting with his core ideology. Florida's healthcare crisis is sinking us. Scott refuses to accept ...
SemDem 05/23/2015
04:14 PM
13 61
Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one” - A.J. Liebling My father Bob Wilson took this to heart, and bought one and started his own newspaper, the Prairie Post of Maroa, ...
Prairie Post 05/23/2015
04:10 PM
2 2
I first wrote about Ruby Corado on June 8, 2013...well, after a shorter mention of her in August of 2012 ...
rserven 05/23/2015
04:00 PM
7 17
Last night was the third opportunity for us to learn about candidates for president from PBS, our PUBLICLY SUPPORTED NETWORK. This supposedly means a network that reflects the views of every segment ...
boguseconomist 05/23/2015
03:57 PM
24 12
This item in the Austin American Statesman. "Labor won a rare Texas victory Saturday, with the House Republican carrying an anti-union bill declaring it dead. Byron Cook, the Corsicana Republican ...
johnatx 05/23/2015
03:49 PM
16 10
In light of how various conservatives and their media accomplices are trying to conceal their roles in enabling the disastrous invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan (actions which cost between 100 and ...
Phoenix Woman 05/23/2015
03:41 PM
9 11