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Last night, Sarah Palin made a convert out of me.
trenttsd 09/04/2008
08:33 AM
851 2297 83
I've stated this a few times in comments, but I am still a registered Libertarian. While I have been working for the Obama campaign for months now, knocking on doors and phone banking and sending e-...
Relevant Rhino 10/12/2008
04:41 PM
754 2129 58
The last few hours have been nothing short of astounding. Since Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball earlier tonight, there’s been a deluge of support unlike ...
Elwyn Tinklenberg 10/17/2008
11:11 PM
1201 2028 52
Prof. Krugman, writing in his New York Times blog :
bink 11/05/2008
07:55 AM
819 2027 55
I did this after the 2006 mid-terms, but it got buried by the server outage. I'm doing this now, before Tuesday's election not only so that I can place this out here free of server problems, but ...
millwx 10/30/2008
06:10 PM
787 2006 47
Our family has been through a lot. Some caused by nature, some caused by human weakness, and some – most recently – caused by the desire for sensationalism and profit without any regard ...
elizabethedwards 08/08/2008
04:40 PM
1875 2002 53
Last night, I went onto the House floor and did something that the Republicans aren't used to. I told the truth about the Republican health care plan. The plan is simple: 1) Don't get sick. 2) If ...
Alan Grayson 09/30/2009
02:33 PM
1133 1971 31
Happy Now? The network will be formally announcing this tomorrow, but I am pleased to inform you in this fully authorized leak, that as of Monday, September 8, our mutual friend Ms. ...
Keith Olbermann 08/19/2008
02:05 PM
1681 1921 47
The Norwegian newspaper VG has reported a truly amazing story about a newly-wed trying to get to Norway ...
foxsucks81 10/05/2008
03:47 PM
560 1890 106
The cranky, liberal lady known as "Granny Doc" around these parts died peacefully at home about 5PM this afternoon EDT. She had been in a coma since Tuesday. She was generally reclusive, but ...
Leftcenterlibertarian 01/20/2012
05:02 PM
684 1873 20
I know some folks out there might have had trouble following the Vice Presidential debate. Particularly, trying to parse meaning from the things that Sarah Palin said. With that in mind, I have ...
adennak 10/03/2008
01:39 AM
486 1825 114
This video is hilarious and I really hope it become viral. It's not dated, that I can see, but it was obviously taped before the pick. Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan mock as ridiculous the ...
Scott Wooledge 09/01/2008
09:02 AM
586 1821 72
If you've been following the story about Sarah Palin's refusal to fund rape kits as mayor of Wasilla, especially given Alaska's status as "rape central USA", you've got to be asking yourself some ...
Dante Atkins 09/17/2008
02:54 PM
616 1785 79
What would you do if you found yourself standing face to face with people bearing signs accusing you by name of killing babies and encouraging the shooting of American soldiers? Might you lose your ...
waydownsouth 08/12/2009
06:18 PM
624 1770 59
You think I'm stupid. You think I'm going to fall for it. You think that because I loved Hillary Clinton, gave money to Hillary Clinton, stood in the freezing rain for two hours to see her ...
Kaili Joy Gray 08/29/2008
08:43 AM
1304 1762 34
My name is Rebecca Schuler. I am a friend of Matthew, who I think you knew as kwickkick. He asked me to post something here for him. He died on Saturday from cancer. He said that some of you wanted ...
kwickkick 02/03/2009
04:22 PM
546 1754 65
This afternoon McCain's campaign had Drudge post their demand that the LA Times release their video of a banquet Obama attended in honor of Rashid Khalidi. Background provided by Ben Smith here: ...
Alhena 10/28/2008
04:42 PM
455 1747 32
Hello, I briefly visited the “We are the 53%” website, ...
Max Udargo 10/12/2011
09:01 AM
644 1734 182
We are out here - the Republicans or ex-Republicans who will no longer tolerate the racist, despicable slime machine that the right wing and the John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign has become. I know, ...
ex VRWC 09/10/2008
05:15 PM
754 1721 88
The Daily Kos Roll Call. A tradition since well, the beginning of time, which of course occurred on May 26, 2002. ...
Delaware Dem 11/14/2008
10:53 AM
4622 1707 62
I am writing to share what was for me, the most quietly inspiring moment of the the debate last night, and why, along with the obvious policy positions, why Senator Obama is my candidate. ...
greenrose2 09/27/2008
09:06 AM
757 1694 54
Little known fact: I have a degree in economics. I went to one of the top three economics schools in the country, and graduated with honors. Caveat: The area I studied was WAY academic. Rather ...
RenaRF 09/29/2008
12:59 PM
1715 1693 152
Reposted on the anniversary of the assassination of Rev. King. MB This will be a very short diary. It will not contain any links or any scholarly references. It is about a very ...
HamdenRice 08/29/2011
08:24 AM
1030 1686 176
Ashley Todd, the young Texan McCain volunteer who claimed she was mugged, sexually assaulted and had a “B” carved into her face by a “dark-skinned” black man near an ATM in ...
Meteor Blades 10/24/2008
11:59 AM
986 1680 42
[This is legit -- kos] Yeah, it’s me. Hi. Sure has taken me long enough. But, as you may know, I am the shy, retiring type: Hesitant to state an opinion in public ...
Keith Olbermann 01/14/2008
09:17 AM
1598 1677 78
Hello Kossacks! And thanks so much for your unbelievably generous support of my campaign: together we've raised over $1 million in small contributions--in less than 48 hours. I honestly cannot ...
Rob Miller 09/11/2009
04:17 PM
715 1669 26
Poor Rush Limbaugh. He just can't get over the fact that Colin Powell thought that Barack Obama was a better man to be President than John McCain. In Rush Limbaugh's eyes, the only reason that ...
Jimmy Crackcorn 10/21/2008
04:14 AM
453 1653 107
Yeah, that's right. What ever happened to Lunchbox Joe Biden. The last two months of the campaign saw nearly every news organization focus primarily on Palin. The VP debate, the rallies, the ...
seattleshawn 11/08/2008
09:56 AM
557 1640 18
I rarely read conservative columnists. Not enough hours in the day to read writers I agree with. For some reason this morning I decided to read David Brooks column:
Denise Oliver Velez 10/10/2008
09:35 PM
804 1629 77
My mother has been working the polls in North Carolina for early voting and has alerted me to something that I think would be important for NC voters to know. If you circle in the choice for a ...
urthwalker 10/19/2008
12:13 PM
721 1623 26
Alan Grayson (BIG D-FL08) is my new hero, and you can donate to him at the bottom of the diary. We need this guy in Congress for years to come! But first, on to the show, and what a ...
MinistryOfTruth 10/09/2009
04:33 AM
786 1622 60
Some people have been surprised by General Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. How could Powell, who served in several Republican administrations, endorse a Democrat over John McCain, a ...
Lt Gen Robert G Gard 10/28/2008
01:45 PM
323 1614 60
Today's NY Times has an opinion piece by Brent Staples: Barack Obama, John McCain and the Language of Race (...
Denise Oliver Velez 09/24/2008
03:27 AM
1003 1613 148
Because of deeply personal issues I am taking a leave of absence from Daily Kos. Other than to say my reasons are not related to my health, I am not willing to discuss the matter in public. My ...
Meteor Blades 08/10/2011
12:51 PM
1256 1605 67
I'm a middle-class white guy living in Jacksonville, Florida. I've got a wife and two kids. Because the kids had no school today, I took a vacation day from work, and took the kids downtown to ...
kentuckyscott 10/20/2008
01:24 PM
417 1591 53
Before I explain the generic insult, let me first make something perfectly clear: I am your enemy. That you don't know this is understandable: after all, people like me prefer it that way. ...
thereisnospoon 12/16/2009
04:28 PM
1510 1579 176
I came across this speech tonight and it just really got me going. It picked me back up and put some fight back into me. This is AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka talking about racism and voting for Obama. It'
platypus 10/01/2008
07:29 PM
440 1577 146
As anyone who has followed the foreclosure crisis closely knows, there is currently a loophole in federal bankruptcy law that allows John McCain to protect his second through seventh homes and ...
awkward007 10/03/2008
06:05 AM
426 1571 55
Dragon5616 11/01/2008
03:13 PM
597 1544 38
I meet you all the time. You hate Obama. You hate gay people. You hate black people, immigrants, Muslims, labor unions, women who want the right to make choices concerning their bodies, you ...
MinistryOfTruth 01/09/2012
01:57 PM
305 1534 151
As alluded to elsewhere Senator Clinton's comments require a Special Comment tonight. I need to be brief, but there's a preview below. We can sometimes have our most innocent remarks ...
Keith Olbermann 05/23/2008
05:01 PM
1687 1534 63
Cross-posted at Facing South -- your source for news, politics and trends in the changing South. This in-depth report follows up ...
ProgressiveSouth 10/09/2008
11:49 AM
364 1529 56
*****CNN scrubs AIP story after McCain Campaign lashes back!******* less than 2 minutes into the piece the McCain Camp calls in demanding ...
Potus Obama 2008 10/14/2008
12:20 PM
1011 1526 96
This diary is intended for readers of RedState.com who might be over here to see how we're covering the Sanford affair. Regular readers of Daily Kos will not find this any more interesting than a ...
liberality 06/24/2009
04:10 PM
519 1520 32
Roland Martin was reporting from the convention on CNNs recap. As he came onscreen, his eyes were visibly red. I thought it might have been the alcohol at those conventions. Little did I know ...
NJTpkExit9 09/03/2008
09:08 PM
985 1512 46
I see that this has been put on two ...
Alan Grayson 11/05/2009
04:45 PM
622 1492 28
I am a white man, an old white man, a rich old white man, by any reasonable measure; and Pat Buchanan is right. I am full of resentment. Let me tell you what I resent. I resent a jackass like Pat ...
docterry 07/16/2009
07:21 PM
730 1492 48
So come Thursday morning, which media narrative about John McCain's campaign suspension and rush to Washington will stick? Will it be John McCain, the hero and maverick, putting politics aside to ...
Kula2316 09/25/2008
01:44 AM
930 1482 37
Leave it all on the road. I see that that’s the slogan here, and as a competitive cyclist, I know the feeling. You can’t hold anything back, and you can’t take anything for granted.
John Kerry 11/03/2008
10:15 AM
566 1477 21
I know Kos doesn't offer undeclared candidates a spot on his Presidential preference poll, but I also know that if Gore were to jump in the race, he'd surely win a plurality of the votes and he'd ...
Mike Stark 02/11/2007
03:21 PM
695 1475 19
I've been asked to diary my experiences from yesterday's Tea Party in Pensacola, Fla., the one that was on the open thread this morning and has shown up on a number of other blogs (...
Sinfonian 04/16/2009
09:53 AM
597 1474 30
I do not do this lightly, and I do not do this happily. There is no exaggeration in this preamble, and when I say the words on "more in sorrow than in anger" on the air tonight, I will mean ...
Keith Olbermann 03/12/2008
04:02 PM
1094 1474 58
It was a complete accident. I went down to my local Tampa Starbucks where of course I expected to find the Obama Elite. I knew something was wrong as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. ...
Florida4Obama 10/10/2008
07:05 PM
884 1471 52
OK, I've not been watching the RNC. But they have apparently pulled something about a 'tribute' to 9/11. And they are going to have McCain start his speech at 9:11 Central time [[UPDATE McCain ...
plf515 09/04/2008
06:16 PM
369 1461 39
Update : Be sure to see Part 2 ! [x-posted ...
ves man 10/08/2008
06:09 PM
1367 1459 73
Come on. There's so much stuff about John McCain that could serve as legitimate grounds for discussion. Do we really have to mock the color of the man's teeth?
drmonkey 06/05/2008
11:09 AM
756 1456 32
Excuse me a moment of pride, but I'm really proud of you guys. Last week was a tough one for the Edwards clan, and ultimately led Elizabeth Edwards to ...
kos 08/11/2008
04:06 PM
782 1452 25
Uh-oh...Ayers won't work anymore (There goes the kitchen sink, I guess here comes the table)...Some republicans from Chicago are saying what most of us knew all along. Bill Ayers was a commonly ...
JustForTheRecord 10/07/2008
10:11 AM
299 1450 99
I had to work last night but luckily I'm a bartender and have a couple of television sets at my disposal. I was surprised a few people requested that I turn up the volume so we could listen to the ...
Kristina40 08/28/2008
12:09 PM
425 1446 33
Earlier today we found out that the standoff with Somalian pirates had come to a happy end for American Captain Richard Phillips. Patriotic Americans have good reason to rejoice this Easter Sunday: ...
JCWilmore 04/12/2009
05:48 PM
743 1444 29
The next President is going to have some MAJOR challenges. I refuse to buy into the hype, on either side, but especially on that of Obama. However the "empty rhetoric" v. "history of accomplishments"
Grassroots Mom 02/20/2008
05:13 PM
673 1437 334
This morning started like the last few Sunday mornings, with my latest handmade Obama sign in shreds. The kids, drunks or whoever it is that drives my rural Texas road on Saturday nights had again ...
Sirenus 10/26/2008
10:56 AM
544 1433 34
glower 08/28/2009
11:35 AM
896 1431 33
Over the past few weeks we Alaskans have been scratching our heads over the interesting claims the McCain campaign has made about our Governor. A lot of them have been news to us. Governor ...
lesgara 09/30/2008
09:19 PM
348 1427 42
(UPDATE: Wow, guys, you really got the story out--it's all over the web! And special thanks to Keith Olbermann for citing this story on "Worst Person in the World" tonight. I think we can all ...
Elsinora 04/22/2008
09:40 PM
638 1426 61
I told her in the summer of 2005, when she first suspected that something was very wrong; that if it was, God forbid, cancer - we would deal with it, and we would deal with it together. Her ...
Patriot4peace 10/27/2008
07:36 AM
698 1422 35
If there ever was an ad John McCain would not want to be played nationally, it is this one. This ad provides the strongest link that McCain is responsible for the economic crises. It ends on a ...
sweetliberty 09/20/2008
06:22 AM
586 1422 76
It was inevitable. James Taranto of WSJ knows that the current market crisis is an albatross around John McCain's neck. Today, he tried his best to deflect attention to the Democratic Party's vote ...
AndreNeil 09/16/2008
07:07 PM
522 1422 86
To all of those tea-jadist assholes at last night’s GOP debate: I don’t generally like to use profanity, but I fear that English is above your comprehension level, so in terms you might better ...
Susan Grigsby 09/13/2011
01:05 PM
428 1418 61
About a month ago I wrote that America is not now, and has never been, a conservative country .
thereisnospoon 11/06/2008
10:36 AM
596 1412 211
It seems that at least one independent witness in the Troopergate investigation has changed her tune once she was sworn under oath. Murlene Wilkens, the private contractor hired to manage Worker's ...
Eman 09/30/2008
09:31 AM
546 1412 35
In 1968, a ten-year-old boy had to go to the hospital four times a week for treatment. Without that treatment, he had trouble breathing, and he felt like he was suffocating. Because he was ...
Alan Grayson 03/21/2010
08:34 PM
378 1411 12
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...
Mr Magu 11/05/2008
06:19 AM
876 1411 32
Over the last couple of years the Daily Kos community has been great supporting the 50 state-strategy, supporting candidates and pushing a progressive agenda. Many of you have asked me what I will ...
Gov Howard Dean MD 03/24/2009
08:19 AM
574 1410 31
After watching the malicious speeches last night mocking Senator Obama, and by proxy, cynically attacking all of us who support our local communities, I thought it would be prudent to educate the ...
BonnieSchlitz 09/04/2008
10:13 AM
561 1402 107
THEY think you are an illusion. Really. Go look at any of the right-wing pools-of-cess -- Little Green Blueballs... Redstate Of Denial... the Free-Of-Any-Need-To-Hide-Our-Unmitigated-Hatred-Of-Non-...
JeffLieber 10/31/2008
07:01 AM
806 1400 39
Per Josh Marshall : The General Counsel of the Obama campaign is currently holding a media conference call to "Announce ...
drational 10/17/2008
12:42 PM
530 1397 51
Obama came to Clemson University sometime before the South Carolina primary, and my son went to hear him speak. His first and most-lasting impression? The sharpshooters on the rooftops that he ...
teresahill 05/23/2008
08:18 PM
839 1393 46
Ben Stein, a man whose character and politics I find to be despicable, has a column today that I noticed on Yahoo Finance. A good buddy of mine, who stays closely abreast of these kinds of ...
Inky99 09/23/2008
10:48 AM
910 1390 106
The weeks have blurred together lately, for obvious reasons. I don't stop by for awhile, then I read I'm AWOL. And I don't do a Comment blasting Obama, and I read somebody wrote something over-the-...
Keith Olbermann 06/26/2008
08:04 PM
1522 1389 56
A week or so ago I wrote a diary here: [http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/1/9/25013/41212/822/433439 Chris Floyd ties Bush and BCCI to Sibel Edmonds bombshell] It received 465 comments and ...
Inky99 01/20/2008
09:42 PM
466 1389 76
Remember Jamie Leigh Jones? She's the woman that was gang raped in Iraq by a bunch of her KBR colleagues and subsequently locked in a container by her superiors after she reported the incident. ...
Mike Stark 03/24/2010
04:54 AM
337 1387 14
H.O.L.Y C.R.A.P I knew Obama was smooth, but i never realized just how smooth. follow ...
flvorful 09/04/2008
08:33 PM
480 1387 58
The outcome of collaborative, democratic writing of a new rule takes its final step today. ...
Meteor Blades 10/25/2009
11:58 AM
421 1379 6
With the tone of the McCain-Palin campaign having just turned back into the default ethical dumpster dive mode, it's time for a Special Comment on the mental gymnastics of the Governor of Alaska.
Keith Olbermann 10/06/2008
02:53 PM
943 1379 44
I was checking in tonight to see what was new, came across a diary trashing first me and my colleague Rachel, and scrolled through it shaking my head, sadly, until I got to ...
Keith Olbermann 06/16/2010
10:15 PM
2140 1376 16
What an embarrassment. This year, we witnessed history. A woman ran for president and received 18 million votes from a citizenry that made clear it is indeed ready to consider serious women ...
Kaili Joy Gray 09/03/2008
10:18 AM
820 1376 51
When I say "we" I am referring to black people in America collectively. Oh, I know it is presumptuous of me to "speak" for all black Americans, and granted there will be those who don't agree. But I'
Denise Oliver Velez 08/05/2009
06:58 AM
966 1375 35
While Politico reports on the RNC spending $150,000 to 'accessorize' Palin and her family, I stumbled upon this picture of Senator Obama (along with ...
enamore22 10/22/2008
06:44 AM
818 1372 47
Polling data means nothing to me unless it's seasoned with anecdotes from the field. Over the past week I've noticed that everybody has a story about someone who is supporting Obama that they ...
St Louis Woman 10/09/2008
09:05 AM
820 1369 42
Most people have probably heard that Palin pulled the old 'Obama Knows Bill Ayers!' line out of the garbage, today. The press extensively covered her comments at a rally in Clearwater, Florida, but ...
Olds88 10/06/2008
10:19 PM
844 1368 41
OK, I'm back. I've always liked to invent backstories behind cliches and one of my oldest ones is the idea that the first guy who said "You can't see the forest for the trees" was actually running ...
Keith Olbermann 06/22/2010
09:31 AM
1231 1367 13
This will be an emotional diary. It will take me some time to write, because I am crying as I write it. There will be no links or supporting data. No breaking news. I am hurting now, and I just ...
revelwoodie 10/16/2008
06:53 PM
663 1366 23
Following up on Meteor Blades' recommended diary, Lynch Mob , we should look beyond Fox News to other so-called "...
Bob Johnson 10/24/2008
12:44 PM
533 1362 21
Update: See also Stiffa's recommended diary on the Bachmann interview Those of you watching Hardball tonight on ...
thereisnospoon 10/17/2008
02:52 PM
1517 1362 37
Congratulations. You did it. You came from out of nowhere to build a tremendous coalition of all colors, all ages, all religions. And you won.
Kaili Joy Gray 06/03/2008
01:11 PM
949 1361 23
Here's the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/14/us/politics/14palin.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin. It's as devastating an account of cronyism, incompetence, vindictiveness and corruption as is ...
Thomas C 09/13/2008
01:54 PM
750 1359 36
1. Barack Obama is [six feet, one-half inches tall http://wiki.answers.com/Q/...
DaveV 08/11/2008
08:09 AM
360 1359 16
The Democratic Alliance of Northwest Indiana ( DANI ) hosted a meeting with Rep. Pete Visclosky (D, IN-01), on Monday, Aug. 3, 6:30 PM. We invited the public and ...
Don Briggs 08/03/2009
10:50 PM
550 1356 44
At the Boulder, Colorado field office for Barack, where I volunteer regularly, there's this guy. You should meet him, like Barack did. This is a really beautiful video that my friend from the office ...
debha 10/28/2008
01:24 PM
441 1356 63