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Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace. I'm thinking Daily Kos should change the name of the site to META WORLD WAR!! ;) For me, I'll stick with Meta Bird... or two. Plus a few other ...
by Diogenes2008
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The Jets beat the Patriots on Sunday 30-27 in overtime, thanks in part to an unusual penalty call on New England defensive lineman Chris Jones. On a 56-yard field goal attempt, which Jets kicker ...
by GrafZeppelin127
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This morning started out beautifully, 68 degrees with a few clouds in the sky perfect for anyone working outside. I stirred early around 5 or so to do my morning constitution and looked forward to ...
by LaEscapee
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I am sure all of us are accustomed to writing our elected officials disparaging policy X, and getting a canned e-mail back thanking us for our support of policy X. But this e-mail from Michigan ...
by Orla
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We have had several diaries lately about cake - the making and eating thereof - and several comment strings in assorted other places. I'm not all that fond of cake, as compared to other deserts (...
by loggersbrat
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Not a diary - BUT I found this on Roll-Call and even if you don't participate - hopefully just thinking about the possibilities will bring a smile to your face. NAME THAT TUNE I have faith that ...
by MNDem999
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I know it sounds kind of weird, but for a long while, we kept turkeys as pets and companions. It all started after my kids had suffered a serious bout of the flu. Both had ended up in the hospital ...
by GreenMother
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Four years ago I diaried about an event that would prove to be a harbinger of things to come: Bobblection 2008. At the time, the St. Louis Cardinals Single-A affiliate Quad Cities River Bandits held ...
by kissfan
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(I know this will piss the diary police off - but... don't care) at least it's not about a wieeeener!
by Unforgiven
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Just for fun. It's Friday afternoon in my time zone. I hope everyone reading this had a good week. The title above refers to this ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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I need a break from the news about exploding oil rigs and looming electoral disasters, so this is just for fun. If you were hoping for a serious diary, take leave my friend. As I was clicking ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Today is a day Mrs. LaKathie and I look forward to all winter and spring: the first delivery of our box of fresh, locally grown produce from Angelic Organics, the community-supported-agriculture (CSA)
by LaKathie
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There are songs that are capable of stirring you in ways that no words can. There's something about music, when everything comes together right, that can cause you to plunge into emotions you never ...
by droogie6655321
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Sheesh. Last night was what some native peoples used to call a three dog night, which I'm told means you need three dogs surrounding you just to stay warm.It also means that Jeremiah was a bullfrog, ...
by droogie6655321
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What would your status be? mine would be Muzikal203 is bored out of her mind and trying desperately to not crawl back in the bed and go to sleep. I got the inspiration for ...
by Muzikal203
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Well, I'm headed off for a while. I probably won't be too involved with DKos for the next few days as I'll be spending time with the fam, away from that source of intolerable ass-hurt that I call my ...
by droogie6655321
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Welcome to Droogie's speakeasy! What's the secret word? Say the secret word, and you win a prize! Ladies and gents, there is one drink -- and I mean one drink only -- that can bring people together ...
by droogie6655321
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Entertainment news sources are now reporting that Al Jean, producer of "The Simpsons," now in its 20th season, is saying that Homer Simpson will attempt to vote for Barack Obama in the show's ...
by Shelbyville Manhattan
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Hello, Kossacks. I thought maybe you could use a break from all the phoning and donating and bloviating you've been up to lately (and that pesky day-job, too). Halloween has always been my favorite ...
by Shelbyville Manhattan
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Narratives are an important part of life. Every public figure has one or another, especially politicians who are trying to sell himself or herself. Everyone, at some point in our lives, have ...
by Niwind
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