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Shocking this didn't work, huh? As Republicans try to pick themselves up and carry on after their humiliating defeat on Election Day, they can't grasp at enough straws to try to figure out just ...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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Senator Chuck (Sure, I'll "Help" craft a bi-partisan Health Care Bill) Grassley says the people who've criticized the Park 51 Mosque in ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Among the latest claims of Republican mythmakers is that Barack Obama is not only a secret Muslim , but one who ...
by Jon Perr
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Via TPM: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the chairman of the Cordoba Institute - and a ...
by Spiffarino
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This would be a tough call; drive an ice-pick into your ear or attend this reunion : Condoleezza Rice ...
by Barbara Morrill
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Within minutes of President Obama's reversal of George W. Bush's strict limits on federal support for embryonic stem cell research ,
by Jon Perr
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(Cross posted on Texas Kaos.) Why is it that Texans get stuck with gawd awful lawmakers who are completely out of synch with the ...
by Libby Shaw
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Yes, Friends, in spite of the many gloomy and pending problems facing this country, there is a new Sheriff in town in Mr. Obama, and there is reason to give all energy to hope and progress. There ...
by T u g
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As the administration of George W. Bush at long last comes to a close, the historical record of his presidency will begin to take shape. And like everything else that touches this president, the ...
by KingOneEye
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[From the Frog Pond ] You know, Lanny Davis is right.
by BooMan23
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Mark Penn hates you. Everything Penn believes in--or, at least, everything he does to make money--runs counter to the very change that millions of Americans are thirsting for. Barack Obama has ...
by Tasini
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First, the facts.
by KWeberLit
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The Washington Post's In the Loop reports that Mark Penn, former chief campaign strategist for Sen. ...
by Jezreel
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In a devastating New York Times op-ed today, 9/11 Commission leaders Tom Keane and Lee Hamilton accused the CIA of ...
by Jon Perr
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Today we get the news of yet another GOP rat leaving the sinking ship that is the Bu$
by CCSDem
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Is there any area of our government, over the span of the last ...
by Bob Higgins
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Karen Hughes hailed her accomplishments upon leaving her public diplomacy post today. To bolster her argument, she held up the following chart. We think it must have been upside down or something,
by sbaradell
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No, I haven't hijacked someone else's diary, I simply changed my name. It was confusing to me to be gengismom on some blogs and snackdoodle on others. And so, my homage to Andy Rooney. A ...
by snackdoodle
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With Karen Hughes leaving her post as Public Diplomacy czar at the State Department, we have a good opportunity to consider what direction we should take in this important area. The conventional ...
by bfinel
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Longtime Bush adviser Karen Hughes is quitting her position pitching U.S. image abroad. Story is out now: Karen Hughes to leave State ...
by ZappoDave
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