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In yet another indication that the Democratic Obama administration cares for military personnel in a way that ...
by Laurence Lewis
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For all those of you who have had the joys (or sorrows) of rolling the dice in a friendly game of craps, you're aware that it's perfectly OK to bet against the shooter. In some cases, it's even ...
by boguseconomist
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Ok, maybe not Mars - some other world, like Titan or maybe Wyoming , either way she's not from This Planet .
by Frank Vyan Walton
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I've been blogging about KBR's Communication Director Heather Browne for quite some time. Heather is the KBR "go to" person when you need a ...
by Ms Sparky
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KBR drops rape-case appeal; Franken pleased Defense contractor worried that it might have been in violation of senator's new amendment. By KEVIN DIAZ,
by DRo
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From Reuters ( James Vicini ): WASHINGTON, April 1 (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department said on Thursday it sued the Houston-based military contractor KBR ...
by ericlewis0
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Remember Jamie Leigh Jones? She's the woman that was gang raped in Iraq by a bunch of her KBR colleagues and subsequently locked in a container by her superiors after she reported the incident. ...
by Mike Stark
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Remember the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld...."No soup for you!" The more he told them "No soup....one year!" the more they had to have it. Will that be the case for KBR and their new "No sex for you!" ...
by Ms Sparky
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I can't really describe how angry it makes me to think of Democrats running as fast as they can to defund ACORN with little to no proof. Proof that we now ...
by bay of arizona
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KBR awarded $2.3B LOGCAP IV task order in Iraq after poor performance ...
by Ms Sparky
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I have blogged many many times about the prolific soliciting of prostitution of KBR and other DoD contractor employees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. As well as in Thailand, the Philippines and ...
by Ms Sparky
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Probably every building of any value will need to be razed in the coming days and weeks, after the families have all counted their dead and the work of rebuilding begins. Scientists say future ...
by leathersmith
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( From TWD ) It truly is amazing how the nadir of people being certified despicable nutcases can be set ...
by sluggahjells
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That's right, Conservative toilet paper/publication The Weekly Standard shows just how incompetent ...
by mos1133
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I can hear the singing and dancing going on around KBR-HQ in Houston at the announcement that Senator Dorgan will not seek re-election in 2010. It's like a 1st grader who's in trouble all the time ...
by Ms Sparky
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The "Michael" Cheryl Harris speaks so fondly of is Michael G. Reagan, Artist and founder of The Fallen Heroes Project. Michael G. Reagan is an internationally-recognized portrait artist who has ...
by Ms Sparky
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Earlier news that a KBR subcontractor is storing 1,000 workers in a warehouse in Baghdad, was reported by Mother Jones. ...
by DRo
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For the GOP, everything that liberals advocate is bad. Therefore, the logic goes, if this site states support for something--no matter how non-partisan-- it must a left-wing, liberal cause that has ...
by SemDem
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In lawsuits filed nationwide , seeking class-action status, current and former ...
by EThomasWood
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Tom Coburn (R-OK) has earned a permanent spot in the Misplaced Outrage Hall of Fame ...
by Barbara Morrill
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