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The preposterous Republican campaign to equate Harry Reid's off-the-record "dialect" comment with neo-Confederate Trent Lott's ...
by Jon Perr
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McCain's threat to "Whip Obama's you-know-what," as I and others have diaried about a few days ago (see below), has ...
by samdiener
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WaPo Saturday surprised no one when they admitted that "Sen. John McCain and his Republican allies ...
by achamblee
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Just what in the heck is going on at Fox News with that " terrorist fist bump " and " baby ...
by One Citizen
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Hillary isn’t the enemy. Nor is Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, or the Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright. John McCain, Karl Rove, Ken Mehlmann, and the media are the enemy.
by haremoor
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A Saturday article in the Washington Post (and PC World), Internet Capacity Could Max Out in Two Years, ...
by dweb8231
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A Washington Post report that the Bush administration is facing a massive backlog of ...
by Jon Perr
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Really!! The Nerve!!! From McClatchy via AZ Central via HuffPost (so it is getting around - at least!) Here's the ...
by illyia
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In my recent diary on Monica Goodling's 'breakdown' , questions arose about Ms Goodling's legal defense counsel, and whether she ...
by james risser
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From the heel-nippers at ThinkProgress . This is a very important subject/project: a summary of what's known so far about the efforts of the GOP ...
by seesdifferent
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This diary simply adds another person to the ever-expanding scandal, in an ongoing attempt to classify the different firings and retentions of the US Attorneys by the Bush Crime Family. This is a ...
by james risser
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This diary has been drafted for a few weeks now, but, I was hesitant to publish it. Someone sent me an email after my previous Frederick Black diary,
by james risser
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The continuum of scandals that the Crime Family is now involved in grows with each week, and often, with each day. The US Attorney scandal is made up of subsets of differing scandals: The Carol Lam ...
by james risser
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Let’s be clear: The focus of the Bush White House and the Republican Party is obstructing justice The shifting Bush/GOP defense of the US Attorneys purge ...
by dengre
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I have been tracking the Republican Culture of Corruption for some time now. For almost three years, my Diaries have focused on the growing Jack ...
by dengre
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As long as we’re talking about impeaching Alberto Gonzales , let’s not forget an incident that happened some time before ...
by occams hatchet
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This has as much merit for a story as anything else in the news theses days. Is this something Karl Rove would like BIG Blogsites out there speculating on???? Hmmmmmm,
by NewCon06
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by ronlib
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by KyleSIU
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by UncommonSense
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