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In this diary I will explain how I see the political situation and what would be for me the path for a Democratic victory in the Presidential election of 2016. The diary will include also some note ...
by abgin
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In a tricky way to leverage a lot of conservation dollars Ken Salazar has teamed up with mega gazillionaire Louis Bacon who if you don't remember gave the US Govt the largest gift of private land ...
by ban nock
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Former Senator and Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazer (D. CO), is back to help fundraise Senator Mark Udall's (D. CO) 2014 re-election campaign:
by poopdogcomedy
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According to the Denver Post, Salazar will open a Denver office for WilmerHale, a firm that advocates for social justice. Local News Channel 7 And Wilmer Hale officially known as Wilmer Cutler ...
by ban nock
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The headline in the Los Angeles Times says it all: Salazar on Arctic drilling: 'Shell screwed up in 2012' . The story tells us what we already know. Royal Dutch Shell fought for approval to drill ...
by DWG
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The big coal companies have been using shell corporations to avoid paying export royalties on the coal they're mining on leased Federal land in Montana' and Wyoming's Powder River Basin. Now the ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Ken Salazar is off to a roaring two tweet start. Hello Twitter! @ kensbolo is on here, so it's time for me to join as well. Can't wait to talk with you all about America's great outdoors. — Ken ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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In a widely speculated upon move Interior Secretary Salazar is resigning. Enjoying the strong support of the Obama administration Salazar is said to wish to spend time caring for his autistic ...
by ban nock
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When your Offshore Oil Rig runs aground due to high seas in the Arctic winter , you just might have a problem in your Climate Change Mitigation Plans ... Problems prompt federal review of Arctic ...
by jamess
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Topics: Unlike BP, Transocean likely off the hook for felony charges related to workers' deaths in 2010 Gulf spill, Transocean to pay $1.4 billion to settle pollution, safety violations in Gulf oil ...
by peraspera
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Last week, Secretary of the Interior issued a long-awaited decision on the fate of Drakes Bay Oyster Company, located within Point Reyes National Seashore. He ordered the oyster farm removed. The ...
by RLMiller
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In coming years, chinook salmon will be once again able to spawn in the San Joaquin River as they did for thousands of years, thanks to the signing of a historic Record of Decision (ROD) by Interior ...
by Dan Bacher
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Welcome to J Town! A gathering place to promote posts and projects, chat about the news, check on the weather (and brag about yours!) and waste spend a little time. Bring your music, your news ...
by JanF
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Lost in campaign politics leading up to re-election is the disturbing news that the Obama administration has declared war on Wyoming's wolves.
by Gallatin
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140 square miles including three 14,000 foot peaks. The Blanca group in the Sangre de Cristos, the two highest peaks shown are part of the deal which also includes tons of forest and grasslands. ...
by ban nock
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Stripper well in California's Central Valley. (Rendering by navajo) The U.S. Department of Interior has released its latest assessment of oil and gas leases on federal land. Two-thirds of the off-...
by Meteor Blades
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Wind turbine blades on the road west of Albuquerque, New Mexico (Photo by Meteor Blades) Environmental advocates have mixed feelings about the Obama administration. One day it's the precedent-...
by Meteor Blades
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[ This diary originally appeared Sunday as part of the on-going series, First Nations News & Views. The series is one element of the "Invisible Indians" project coordinated by navajo and me in ...
by Meteor Blades
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Chris Hayes calls it his "Story of the Week" ... and it begins with a daring act of Civil Disobedience ... Climate activist Tim DeChristopher goes to trial by Ask Umbra, grist.org -- Feb 23, ...
by jamess
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Grand Canyon from the South Rim (photo by navajo) ...
by Joan McCarter
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