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Remember that ad Sestak ran on Specter near the end of the primary - this one is move devastating. Now I'm from the "Strategically vote for Crist" school, but I think Meek just secured second ...
by Jonze
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Independent Gov. Charlie Crist gets a boost from one of the state's highest-profile progressives:
by kos
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In the race for Florida Senate it's crunch time, and the latest polls show our candidate Kendrick Meek surging as Dems come ...
by norwood
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If I said the sky was blue, these Republicans would say no way. That's how President Obama opens his latest fundraising appeal to the DSCC, calling for ...
by Benintn
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Not too long ago, we have received the support of three endorsements from the State of Florida for Kendrick Meek's campaign for U.S. Senate. Al Gore has also had something to say.
by Kendrick Meek for Florida
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I don't want to a turn to the right, I don't want to go back. And I really think I'm not alone. My generation suffered through a Republican shut down of government, not in 1994 but from 98 and on. ...
by CornSyrupAwareness
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Originally posted on Citizen Orange .
by kyledeb
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by Bcgntn
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This race is a race that should be a potential loss for the Republicans. It should be a solid-R turned to toss-up. It should be fairly easy to slap down a self-avowed “tea party” ...
by Nightshade Q
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A few recent polls have shown Marco Rubio surging in the polls, most recently an Ipsos/Reuters which pegs the race Rubio 40, ...
by Southernlib
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by kos
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In Florida as in the Real World things are rarely Black and White. even if one happens to be color blind. In the world of American politics, things are never Red and Blue. It is our two party ...
by bubbuh
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I see heaps and heaps of comments to the effect of "Well, Dems in Congress haven't come through. They're not representing us. They don't have our backs, why should we get theirs? If they want to ...
by Cedwyn
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For weeks in the run-up to Florida's primary, self-funded billionaire Senate-hopeful Jeff Greene sent daily glossy direct-mail attack ads suggesting that his Democratic opponent Kendrick Meek was a ...
by PBCliberal
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August was long, hot, and miserable. While Tropical Storm ...
by NCrissieB
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The EqualiTeam assembled for training in Washington, DC August 23-25, 2010. Among the ...
by ElectEquality
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I got an e-mail this morning from Alan Grayson "She'd do a great job." That's what Charlie Crist said about Sarah Palin as President of the United States. If that doesn't tell you ...
by CornSyrupAwareness
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Florida Governor and one-time leading Senatorial Candidate Charlie Crist is finding that independence is no party. GOP partisans feel betrayed and vengeful. Voters with no affiliation are open to ...
by norwood
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Hey, this is Kendrick's New Media Director, Kenneth Quinnell. Wanted to drop in after the primary victory (57%-31%, while being outspent $27 million to $3 million) to thank everyone who supported ...
by Kendrick Meek for Florida
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Florida Democrats, unlike voters in some parties, cannot be won over by flashy yachts, glitzy ad ...
by Southernlib
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