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As happens with me pretty often, I had several seemingly unrelated ideas come together today in my head. I want to put this out there before I forget the way they link up. Here's the takeaway for ...
by Killer of Sacred Cows
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Jim Coffman and I are writing a book: Global Insanity:How Homo sapiens Lost Touch with Reality while Transforming the World . Chapter two Of Metaphors, Metaphysics, and Math: A Mythology of ...
by don mikulecky
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Hello, today I will start a new diary series entitled "Reframing the Debate". I have just finished reading George Lakoff's book ...
by wargolem
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Before Occupy was forced out of Zuccotti, Lakoff advised the movement to establish a moral framework. In its priority of horizontal organization, Occupy resisted. Once again, Lakoff tries to extend ...
by stevenb
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Why do we we spend so much time, resources, and personal energy in fighting with "the other side"? I live with people and interact with them every day. They could be classified as Tea Baggers or ...
by don mikulecky
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For whatever these things are worth a AP-GfK Poll says that ...
by don mikulecky
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The beauty of the leaderless, party-less #OWS movement is that it indeed has no real leadership (so it can't be demonized) and no single political platform (so it can't be torn apart piece by piece).
by NYBri
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Claude's excellent diary Lakoff nails it motivated me to write a comment but there is much more to be said.
by don mikulecky
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This diary expands on claude's using the same reference. Many people ask what the occupy movements are ...
by rsie
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In July 2010, troubled by the apparent failure of the progressive left to connect with a large part of the American electorate, I published an article in Huffington Post,
by Cyberoid
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The vast majority of my life, Freedom has always been discussed as a unitary notion. It wasn't until G.W. Bush, in response to 9/11 said of the terrorists, "They hate us for our Freedom ...
by Gustogirl
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I was flummoxed last night at my neighborhood book club. We had just started talking about the devastation from the terrible tornadoes. One woman said: What I keep thinking about is why ...
by Cook for Good
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Words matter. Every time progressives try to do something to help the 98% of Americans who are under assault by the top 2% (and really the top .1%) we are accused of waging “class warfare.” ...
by greywolfe359
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[update] FYI I changed the diary's name to something more general. In being horrified at the success with which the Republicans deployed a huge pack of lies to regain control of the House, and ...
by betson08
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Let's remember a few basics as we wallow in post-mortems today: 1. There is no center. Elections are all about the base and base enthusiasm--and even more so now. (Lakoff!) 2. This lesson is even ...
by Sheila Kingi
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Dear Diary, I turned 11 years old today. I’m not a little girl any more! I got lots of great presents, and I had a pretty cake, and it was fun. But I had to celebrate with mom. That sucked.
by Save the clock tower
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For years, George Lakoff has been telling Dems the importance of "framing" - of taking charge of the narrative, rather than allow the Republicans set the terms of debate, and then trying to answer ...
by John Q
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I'm not in classrooms every day, only dipping in occasionally when I'm on a campus to give talks. But I came up K through 12 in the California public education system, I vote here now, and I have ...
by arlenegoldbard
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By now, I have tried out approximately one gazillion concepts, arguments and images intended to convey my passion for art's public purpose. Some have great persuasive power and some, ...
by arlenegoldbard
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Life and Freedom are moral issues. It is time for Democrats to talk about health in those terms, beyond just policy terms like health insurance reform, bending the cost curve, types of exchanges, etc.
by George Lakoff
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